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TimeLine by Episodes:

Compiling mentions of or references to Time, Date, Season or Current Events for "House MD" episodes
If you see a reference to Time or Season, etc. not listed, please send details.
  1. "Pilot" (??October/November??)
    House & White Board
    Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) with his White Board
    Credit: Jamie Trueblood/FOX
    During the school year, maybe in the early Fall as people are not warmly dressed.
    House is six years behind in his clinic duty.
  2. "Paternity" (December 2004)
    Foreman implies that it is December when he says, "West Nile negative, not surprising, since not too many mosquitoes passing through Jersey in December." [this info from Vinh]
    Although shown second, this was the fifth episode shot, just before "Damned If You Do", the Christmas episode.
    Lacrosse season
    Cuddy heading out of the hospital late at night to play tennis.
    Heavy Coats
  3. "Occam's Razor" (??November??)
    House: "I've been a doctor 20 years, you're not going to surprise me."
    Although shown third, this was the second episode shot, so it could take place before "Paternity".
  4. "Maternity" (December 2004)
    "machka" gave us the following:
    Clinic patient is due in "about 5 months" - House tells the OBs in the closing scene that his "pre-natal care patient" is due to deliver in late March, and one of the OBs states "That's five months from now!"
    BUT: the Chen-Lupino baby's time of death is precisely stated as "6:57pm Thursday December 2, 2004" by House prior to conducting the autopsy... placing the clinic patient's baby due date closer to the end of April-ish...
    >Also: towards the end, Cameron is wearing what appears to be a light coat when she stalks out of the office after House's prying regarding her exposure to death.
  5. TIVO
    "Damned if You Do" (December 2004)
  6. "The Socratic Method" (??November/December/January??)
    It is House's birthday but we cannot be sure if this is before or after Christmas since the episode was filmed before the Christmas episode but shown afterwards.
    Although shown sixth, this was the third episode shot so it may well have been meant to be before December.
  7. "Fidelity" (??January 2005??)
  8. "Poison" (??January 2005??)
    During the school year.
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    "DNR" (??January 2005??)
    Winter coats
  10. "Histories" (??January/February??)
    Winter coats
    Wilson last saw his brother nine years before.
  11. "Detox" (??January/February??)
    The ground is frozen when Chase and Foreman dig up the cat.
  12. "Sports Medicine" (??February? 2005??)
    Baseball season starts in a few months.
  13. "Cursed" (??February/March???)
    Dr. Rowan Chase has about three months to live
    House refers to Robert Chase as being 26.
  14. "Control" (??March 2005??)
    (Vogler is Chairman of the Board, ep 1)
  15. "Mob Rules" (??March 2005??)
    (Vogler is Chairman of the Board, ep 2)
    House says "Unless I've been named as the fourth part of the Axis of Evil, invaded and occupied, this is still not a democracy." which places the episode after the invasion of Iraq.
  16. "Heavy" (??March 2005??)
        (Vogler is Chairman of the Board, ep 3)
    During the school year.
    When Wilson asks House if he has any thoughts, House answers, "On what? Sharon's plan for Gaza?" which places this in the real world after Sharon started having plans for Gaza and before the actual withdrawal.
  17. "Role Model" (??March 2005??)
        (Vogler is Chairman of the Board, ep 4 — Cameron quits)
  18. "Babies & Bathwater" (??March 2005??)
        (Vogler is Chairman of the Board until the end of episode, ep 5)
    Starts the day after "Role Model"
    Vogler says that House "violated a DNR" during "the last three months" which places "DNR" three months before which would place it in January if this is March.
  19. "Kids" (??March/April???)
        (Cameron has quit)
  20. "Love Hurts" (??April 2005??)
        (Cameron comes back to work)
    House, Wilson and a patient are watching a baseball game on his small TV near the beginning of the episode.
    Cameron and House go on a date.
  21. "Three Stories" (April 2005??)
        (Stacy - ep. 1 - appears)
    Most likely late in the school year since House speaks of the number of times the regular teacher has been out this year.
         House [to Cuddy]: "You said this is the fifth time he's missed a class this year!"
  22. "Honeymoon" (??April 2005??)
        (Stacy - ep. 2 - takes job at hospital)

Season Two
    House (Hung Over) & Stacy
    A hung-over Gregory House (Hugh Laurie)
    and Stacy Warner (Sela Ward) discuss legalities
    Credit: Jamie Trueblood/FOX
  1. "Acceptance" (??April 2005??)
        (Stacy - ep. 3 - is working at the hospital)
  2. "Autopsy" (April 2005??)
    House has hay-fever (spring?)
    Chase says he is 30 years old.
  3. "Humpty Dumpty" (??Early May???)
        (Stacy - ep. 4 - is working at the hospital)
  4. "TB or Not TB" (around May 11, 2005)
    Chase speaks of his father in the present tense
              Foreman: "Talk to Chase, he's rich."
              Chase: "My dad, not me."

    (Shortly after this Chase could have learned his father was dead and made "The Mistake", which happened a few days after May 11* which is when Chase first treats and tests the woman who later dies).
  5. "Daddy's Boy" (May 2005)
    "Spring Break was over a month ago" and it is now around Graduation (late May?).
    House's parents have been married 47 years so it is likely he is around 46 years old.
    House buys a motorcycle.
  6. "Spin" (??Sept/October???)
        (Stacy - ep. 5 - is working at the hospital)
    During the Pro Cycling Season (between March and November) probably not really early or late in the season.
  7. "Hunting" (October 2005) (Stacy - ep. 6 - is working at the hospital)
    One month before current scenes in "The Mistake"
    Cameron may have been exposed to HIV (she will be "tested for HIV in 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months").
    • What can we learn from the calendar Cameron is marking off?
      Michael Cheung wrote us the following:

      "The scene showing the calendar with Cameron's HIV Test is shown to be next month on Thursday the 30th. Using the following facts shown on the calendar (current month has thirty one days, next month has thirty days, 1st of next month is a Wed, 30th of next month is a Thu) the only possible options from 2003 - 2006 for the HIV Test date are Sep 30/2004, Jun 30/2005, or Nov 30/2006. My guess is they used a real 2006 calendar to act like one for 2005."

      And Cameron and Chase sleep together.
  8. The team
    Omar Epps, Jennifer Morrison, Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Jesse Spencer and Lisa Edelstein. The third season of HOUSE premieres Tuesday, Sept. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
    Credit: Michael Yarish/FOX.
  9. "The Mistake" (Very Late November 2005- six months after May 11*)
        (Stacy - ep. 7 - is working at the hospital)
    Six months after Dr. Rowan Chase dies and one month after the events in "Hunting"
    Chase given suspension for one week, House to be supervised for one month.
  10. "Deception" (December 2005)
    One week after the current events in "The Mistake" and also after Thanksgiving as the Christmas decorations are up - so many Christmas decorations that you have to figure it is well after Thanksgiving. At the end there is still two more weeks of Foreman supervising House.
  11. "Failure to Communicate" (January 2006)
    Snow storm in Baltimore
  12. "Need to Know" (January 2006)
    Three months after Cameron was exposed to HIV (she is getting her HIV test).
  13. "Distractions"
  14. "Skin Deep"
  15. "Sex Kills"
    Wilson's marriage breaks up and he moves in with House, temporarily.
  16. "Clueless"
  17. "Safe"
  18. "All In"
  19. "Sleeping Dogs Lie"
  20. "House vs God"
  21. "Euphoria part 1"
  22. "Euphoria part 2"
  23. "Forever"
  24. "Who's Your Daddy"
  25. "No Reason"
    Summer - Two Months later, it is towards the end of summer

Season Three
  1. "Meaning"
    End of Summer, references to a summer vacation
  2. "Cane and Able"
  3. "Informed Consent"
  4. "Lines in the Sand"
  5. "Fools for Love"
  6. "Que Sera Sera"
  7. "Son of a Coma Guy"
  8. "Whack-a-Mole"
  9. "Finding Judas"
  10. "Merry Little Christmas"
  11. "Words and Deeds"
  12. "One Day, One Room"
    After Christmas and still winter (homeless man says it is cold outside, Wilson has full coat and gloves when he follows House to the table by the jogging path).
  13. "Needle in a Haystack"
    Winter (snow)
  14. "Insensitive"
    February 13, 2007, ends on Valentine's Day, a Wednesday, as it is in 2007
  15. "Half-Wit"
  16. "Top Secret"
  17. "Fetal Position"
  18. "Airborne"
    It doesn't seem to be cold enough to be winter or hot enough to be summer. Probably early spring.
  19. "Act Your Age"
  20. "House Training"
    Sometime between April 20 and May 20: "The Hockney exhibit finished on April 20th. I thought it was May 20th." And it is a Tuesday (April 24, May 1, 8, 15).
  21. "Family"
    One week after Foreman's mistake kills a patient in the previous episode.
  22. "Resignation"
  23. "The Jerk"
    Close enough to summer time that the clinic patient got a sunburn while out on a boat.
  24. "Human Error"
    It's a Monday. Three weeks after Foreman said he was quiting at the end of Family which was a week after the episode that was between April 20 and May 20. Probably in the middle of June 2007

* We missed the May 11 date the first time we saw "The Mistake" and this was pointed out to us by "Amy" of and "Lizzim" of the Television Without Pity's House Forum

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