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Third Season Episodes ::  #305 "Fools for Love"

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House (Hugh Laurie) is pulled over for speeding by his clinic patient Tritter (guest star David Morse), who turns out to be a cop in the HOUSE episode "Fools for Love" airing Tuesday, Oct. 31 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Carin Baer//FOX.
October 31, 2006
Written by
Peter Blake
Directed by
David Platt
The patients of the week
Tracy and Jeremy, married couple, each about 20 years old. After being held at gunpoint, threatened and then seeing Jeremy risk his life for her, Tracy goes into anaphylactic shock. Later watching Tracy take a stress test, Jeremy starts showing similar symptoms.
The mis-diagnoses
The team give her an antibiotic to which she has an allergic reaction.
The privacy invasion / ethical breach
Chase and Foreman search the couple's apartment.
The final diagnosis
Hereditary Angioedema: a rare genetic disorder and the fact that they both have it means they are related - in fact they had the same father.
The clinic patient(s)
Michael Tritter who has a rash on his genitals - House attributes the rash to nicotine gum. Tritter later demands an apology for the rudeness he was treated with. He never gets the apology but gets his own back when he turns out to be a cop and pulls House over for speeding and also finds narcotics and so arrests him.
Things happening this episode
  • Turns out Foreman is dating a nurse - after House thought Wilson was dating her.
  • House is arrested for possession of narcotics.
  • House makes an enemy who will spend a lot of time and energy trying to do harm to him.
Fools for Love
House (Hugh Laurie, L) and a walk-in clinic patient Michael Tritter (guest star David Morse, R), have an altercation, with Michael standing up against House's verbal assaults in the HOUSE episode "Fools for Love" airing Tuesday, Oct. 31 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Michael Yarish/FOX.
Additional information on this episode:
Cast: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House; Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy; Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman; Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson; Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron; Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase.

Guest Cast: David Morse as Michael Tritter; Jurnee Smollett as Tracy; Raviv Ullman as Jeremy; Kimberly Quinn as Nurse Wendy; Brett Wagner as L.K.; Scott Allen Rinker as Bobby; Rod Damer as Counterman; Carissa Koutantzis as Waitress; Sam Ayers as Large Man; Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse.
Quotes, Quotation, Dialogue, Scenes:
  • Song near the end is
    "Walter Reed" available on
    Michael Penn's album
    "Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947"
    Also Available from Amazon UK.
    House interrupts a conversation Wilson is having with a new nurse and when the nurse leaves, House says to his friend, "You've sprinted through three bad marriages into an affair with a dying patient. Now, a naughty nurse? How many more failed relationships are we both gonna have to deal with before you learn to love yourself. And I mean that in the literal way."
    "It's amazing how you can not only know that it's a relationship but that it's a bad relationship based on nothing but — nothing."
    "I know you."
    "I'm not with her. Not even trying."
    "You're lying to me. That's interesting."
    "Well, as long as it's interesting."
    Later, when House is still focusing on Wilson, Cameron suggests that if he wants to know if Wilson is dating the nurse, he should ask Wilson. Foreman says, first to Cameron and then to House, "Clearly he did and Wilson denied it. And House doesn't believe it. It's gotta hurt. That's why it pays to have more than one friend, House."
  • When House first meets Tritter, Tritter complains about the two hour wait he just sat through. House glances at Tritter's problem (in the genital area) and comes up with an instant diagnosis, but Tritter wants a test. House refuses referring to stubborn idiots as he writes a note on the chart he hasn't done more than glance at. Tritter says, "You're rude."
    "Wow, you're like a detective or something."
    "And you're smart. And you're funny. But you are bitter and you're lonely. So, you treat everyone around like they're idiots. And you get away with it 'cause of your cane."
    "Please stop. It's hard to write through the haze of bitter tears."
    "But you're not actually getting away with it. Last nurse you made fun of she probably slipped some crap into your coffee...." When House gets up to leave, Tritter trips him. "Treat people like jerks, you get treated like a jerk." House takes the specimen for the test but then gives Tritter a rectum thermometer and the leaves and doesn't return.
  • Foreman to House about the patient. "Sorry. Ridiculous of me to draw a conclusion based on actually observing them. Should have just depended on misanthropic view os human nature."
  • When House continues to harass Wilson about the nurse Wilson says he is not dating, Wilson tells him, "You're a miserable jerk who can't stand to be alone."
    "I didn't try to break up your marriages. You did that yourself."
    "My marriages were so crappy, I was spending all my time with you. Your real fear is me having a good relationship."
    "Yes. It keeps me up at night. That and the Lock Ness monster, global warming, evolution, and other fictional concepts."
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