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Second Season Episodes ::  #218 "Sleeping Dogs Lie"

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Sleeping Dogs Lie: House & Cameron
House (Hugh Laurie) & Dr. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison)
work fast to help a woman with insomnia
in the HOUSE episode "Sleeping Dogs Lie"
airing Tuesday, April 18 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX.
April 18, 2006
Writer / Director
Sara Hess / Greg Yaitanes
The patient of the week
Hannah, 25 years old, who hasn't slept in 10 days.
How House gets involved
Cuddy brings him the case and at first he assumes Hannah must have slept but when Cuddy tells him Hannah took a whole bottle of sleeping pills and still didn't sleep, he takes the case.
The mis-diagnoses
Whatever they do or don't do results in Hannah's liver dying. Her partner offers to donate part of her liver but Cameron thinks she should be told that Hannah is planning on leaving her. House gives the two women the facts and Max (Hannah's partner) suggest herself as a donor.
The privacy invasion / ethical breach
Cameron thinks it is an ethical breach to allow Max to donate part of her liver without knowing that Hannah is planning on leaving her. See dialogue below.
The final diagnosis
"The black plague"
The clinic patient(s)
An older Chinese woman and her teenage daughter. The daughter translates and tries to get the doctor to prescribe birth control pills for her mother (which she plans to take). Later it turns out that the daughter (who House has labelled, SAC: Stupid American Child and "Not the sharpest chopstick in the drawer") took her mother's decongestants and gave her mother the birth control pills).
New Information
  • House can speak a few words/phrases of Mandarin ("I can count to ten and ask to go to the bathroom and..."). Badly but understandable to Mandarin speakers who listen carefully. According to 'ruach" and "ky8007" on TWoP House "said, 'Gong xi ni, ni kuai zuo zhu mu le': 'Congratulations, you're about to become a grandmother'." This was confirmed by "ky8007" on the same forum.
  • House also knows: "Blue barrel is a kind of cactus."
Notable Incidents
Cameron and Foreman both write articles which House has to read and sign off on before they can submit to a medical journal. He doesn't read either but when Foreman presses him, he signs off on that one even though he had Cameron's for a couple of months longer.
Sleeping Dogs Lie: House
House (Hugh Laurie) works fast to help a woman with insomnia
in the HOUSE episode "Sleeping Dogs Lie"
airing Tuesday, April 18 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX.

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Quotes (Quotations and Dialogue) from the episode:
  • House, to Cameron and Foreman about the conflict between them over the article: "If you two guys can't play nice together, I'm taking away your toys. I don't care whose fault this is."
    Cameron: "If you hadn't—"
    House: "I especially don't care if it's my fault." He later goes back to the case, "The more symptoms we can force out of her, the more tests we can do, the more tests we do, the more information we get, the quicker we make a diagnosis.See how much more fun it is when you guys get along? You two, take the first four hours."
  • Sleeping Dogs Lie: Cameron
    Dr. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) must make a tough choice when treating two patients (Jayma Mays, L) and Dahlia Salem, R)
    in the HOUSE episode "Sleeping Dogs Lie"
    airing Tuesday, April 18 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
    2006 FOX BROADCASTING COMPANY Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX.
    Cameron to House about the articles: "Is this just one of your experiments? You just wanted to see how I'd react to being screwed over by Foreman?"
    House: "Nice idea, but no. This was just good old-fashioned laziness. Gotta hand it to Foreman though, he knew that you were a suck up and I don't give a crap. He successfully exploited us both."
    Cameron: "Right. We're both victims. A simple heads up, that's all I needed. You know, between your incredibly witty remarks about anal sex and Cuddy's breasts, you could have tipped me off."
    House: "Then I'd have Foreman pissed at me. And as annoying as you can be, at least I know you're not going to pop a cap in my ass. Witty, huh? You on the other hand, continue to be flabbergasted every time someone actually acts like a human being. Foreman did what he did because it worked out best that way for him. That's what everyone does."
    Cameron: "That is not the definition of being human. That's the definition of being an ass."
  • Foreman to Chase asking what he thinks of his actions about the article: "So you think I was out of line?"
    Chase: "That article was going to sit on House's desk for the next six years."
    Foreman: "I could have told her."
    Chase: "You could have written it for her too. She knows House as well as any of us. She should have known she was waiting for him to do something he was never going to do." (This after he earlier told Cameron that he had told Foreman "how many cases do we work up in a year? They're all weird, he could have written up any one of them." - thus seeming to be on both their sides.)
  • Cameron to House after he tells Hannah that she needs a new liver and Max volunteers to be a donor: "Does Max know Hannah plans to leave her?"
    House: "Didn't come up, so I guess, no."
    Cameron: "If she knew, there's no way she'd go through with this."
    House: "And if you didn't have a pathological need to create a close personal relationship with every dying person you meet, we would be blissfully ignorant of any ethical dilemmas and might actually be able to concentrate on the differential...."
    Cameron: "We have an ethical dilemma."
    House: "No we don't...."
    Cameron: "We're withholding information relevant to her decision to risk her life. How is that not an ethical dilemma?"
    House: "It's not medical information."
    Cameron: "Who cares?"
    House: "The AMA...."
    Cameron: "This is immoral."
    House: "Look, let's say you're right. We tell, she changes her mind, our patient dies. How is that moral?"
    Cameron: "...She's doing this out of love, and Max doesn't know—"
    House: "It's only moral to save a person if they love you? That's kind of a selfish way of looking at life.... Oh yeah, if anyone says anything to Max, they're fired."
    Cameron: "We have to."
    House: "We have to not. Because she's not our patient."
    Cameron: "She's getting surgery, she's someone's patient."
  • Season 1 DVDSeason 1 DVD
    Wilson throwing down the journal with Foreman's article in front of House: "I take it you've seen that?"
    House: "Seen it, digested it, watched it blow up my entire department."
    Wilson: "You read Cameron's version?"
    House: "I didn't read either."
    Wilson: "It was good."
    House: "Better than Foreman's?"
    Wilson: "Maybe. He was more analytical about the diagnostic procedures. She concentrated more on the ethical dilemmas of informed consent. How any patient can really be informed without a medical degree."
    House: "The same old party lines."
    Wilson: "Foreman should have told her."
    House: "Ah, shoulda, woulda, coulda."
    Wilson: "If you allow this sort of thing in your department, you're basically saying it's Okay."
    House: "No, I'm saying that I don't care what they do as long as my life isn't interrupted by pointless conversations like this one."
    Wilson: "They won't trust each other, and they won't trust you."
    House: "They shouldn't."
    Wilson: "Deception like this is just one step removed from actively sabotaging one other. Then what would you do?"
    House: "I could be the kindest gentlest boss in the world, and Foreman still would have done what he did because that's who he is. We can only hope that Cameron has learned something."
    Wilson: "Right. Because you're all about the teaching."
    House: "Our children are the future."
  • House talking about diagnosing diseases: "Great battles kick up a lot of dirt. Obscure the battlefields so the generals can't see what's going on."
    Wilson: "So what are your orders, General House?"
    House: "Sound the retreat."

Cast: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House; Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy; Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman; Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson; Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron; Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase.

Guest Cast: Jayma Mays as Hannah; Dahlia Salem as Max; Julia Ling as Anne; Alice Lo as Mrs. Ling; KT Thangavelu as Surgeon; Kendall Clement as Anesthesiologist.


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