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Second Season Episodes ::  #202 "Autopsy"

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First Broadcast
Season Two
The second season of HOUSE premieres Tuesday, Sept. 13 (9 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Pictured Clockwise from center: Hugh Laurie, Jesse Spencer, Lisa Edelstein, Robert Sean Leonard, Jennifer Morrison, Omar Epps.
Credit: Michael Lavine/FOX.
September 20, 2005
Writer / Director
Lawrence Kaplow / Deran Sarafian
The patient
Andie, a 9-year-old terminal cancer patient who has had an hallucinogenic episode unrelated to the cancer.
How House gets involved
Wilson insists that House help out even though House wants to go home since he has a bad case of hay fever.
The mis-diagnoses
House can't find a reason for the hallucination but he find evidence of a tumor in her heart and the surgeon finds one but it turns out to be benign. Then they figure the tumor threw off a clot but they can't see it. Because the girl is so brave, House thinks that may be a symptom and he assumes the clot is near the fear center of her brain. Since he can't find it any other way, they do a "hypothermic cardiac arrest" and "siphon off two liters of blood then perfuse the brain while she's in an MRI."
The privacy invasion / major ethical breach
House offers the nine year old a way out if she would prefer not to undergo any more suffering.
The final diagnosis
They find the clot but it was no where near the fear center so House was wrong about that.
The clinic patient(s)
A guy's new girlfriend had never been with a man who wasn't circumcised so he tried to do the job himself.
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Questions about the episode:
  • Was Dr. House harsher and meaner than usual during this episode?
    Someone sick, and getting little sleep, usually does have less patience than usual.
  • Was Dr. Wilson's office always off a balcony near Dr. House's.
    No, but David Shore wants us to pretend that it has always been like this.
  • Did this little girl's bravery show up House's whiny behavior about his relatively/comparatively minor complaints?
Quotes, Quotations, Dialogue:
  • Wilson: "What's the theory here? This girl's body's a lemon? Faulty manufacturing? Everything's falling apart?"
    House: "The tumor is Afghanistan, the clot is Buffalo. Does that need more explanation? Ok the tumor is Al Qaeda. Big bad guy with []. We went in and wiped it out but it had already sent out a splinter cell; a small team of low level terrorists quietly living in some suburb of Buffalo, waiting to kill us all."
    Foreman: "Whoa, whoa, you're trying to say that the tumor threw a clot before we removed it."
    House: "It was an excellent metaphor angio her brain for this clot before it straps on an explosive vest."
  • Season 1 DVD
    Season 1 DVD
    House: "Is it still illegal to perform an autopsy on a living person?"
    Cuddy: "Are you high?"
    House: "It it's Tuesday; I'm wasted!"
    Cuddy: "It's Wednesday."
    House: "I want to induce a hypothermic cardiac arrest. Once the patient's on bypass we siphon off two liters of blood then perfuse the brain while she's in an MRI."
    Cuddy: "You're actually talking about killing her."
    House: "Just for a little while, I'll bring her right back."
    Cuddy: "Oh, well, in that case go ahead. Why are even talking?"
    House: "If we do nothing she's dead in a day, maybe a week; the kind that lasts."
    Cuddy: "We need FDA approval for any surgical technique used for diagnostic purposes."
    House: "Absolutely. If we were doing anything invasive; but there's nothing invasive.... You know, I'm not cutting into her head I'm just looking for a clot."
    Cuddy: "Not invasive? You're killing her."
    House: "Don't split hairs. If it works she lives."
    Cuddy: "Make sure the mom understands that this is a million to one shot."
    House: "I'll see that Wilson passes that along."
  • Season 2 DVD
    Season 2 DVD
    Pre-Order Now
    House: "Thank you for joining me for tonight's dress rehearsal. Playing the part of Andie is Morty Randolph. For his donation to science we give our thanks. Once Andie is cool and goes off bypass we have 60 seconds to get two liters of blood out of her body and back into her for the pictures to find the clot in her head. If our star is bumped tomorrow while... MRI is on, these red lights will go off which will mean we have no useable test results. No test results; it's goodbye Broadway. You guys will be wearing bad cat suits in Des Moines. Neurosurgeons here, with a view of the monitors. Cardiac surgeon there, in case we need to open her up. Anesthesiologists, one by the cardiac bypass machine, one by the cooling apparatus. Girls in the chorus if you're over 5' 10 stick with me. Okay give me 60 seconds on the clock. Showtime. A five, six, seven, eight... siphon off the blood through the arterial line WHOOSH, sound of blood draining. More whoosh. Glug, glug, glug and we... [Red lights go off] Kill her. Again. [And there are Red lights again] ...How hard can this be?" {after continually setting off the alarms---]
    Foreman: "We could bolt her to the table."
    House: "Gruesome and low tech. Kiss me I love it. A five, six, seven, eight..."
  • Wilson (about the nine year old who will die in a year): "She enjoys life more than you do."
    House: "Right."
    Wilson: "She stole tat kiss from Chase. What have done lately?"
    House: "I'm pacing myself; unlike her I have the luxury of time."
    Wilson: "She could outlive you."
Music in the episode:
Christina Aguilera's song "Beautiful" from her album "Stripped" is the music in the teaser as we see Andie at home. At the very end of the episode (with House after he leaves the hospital) Elvis Costello is heard in a "cover" of the same song (currently unavailable).

Bird York
Near the end of the episode — up to the point at which the patient leaves the hospital — the song in the background is Bird York's "In The Deep" from her CD "The Velvet Hour".
(Ms York also played Toby's ex wife in "The West Wing".) And the song is nominated for an Oscar for its use in the movie "Crash".
This song was identified in the closed captioning.

OperaWhat was the Opera House was listening to on his iPod in the locker room before and after he had his team listen to the heart beats?
"Nessun Dorma (no one sleeps) from Puccini's Turandot". This whole opera is available on this album "Puccini - Turandot / Sutherland · Pavarotti · Caballé · Ghiaurov · Krause · Pears · LPO · Mehta " although we do not know if this is the version that House was listening to.

See more information on how this opera relates to the episode.

See other selections of music and songs played during the first half of the second season of "House".

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