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Third Season Episodes ::  #309 "Finding Judas"

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Finding Judas
Dr. Chase (Jesse Spencer) is manipulated by Det. Tritter in the HOUSE episode "Finding Judas" airing Tuesday, Nov. 28
(9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX.
November 28, 2006
Written by
Sara Hess
Directed by
Deran Sarafian
The patient of the week
Alice Hartman, a six year old, who reacts badly to a carnaval ride.
The mis-diagnoses
House notices that Alice has gallstones and so goes to court to have her gallbladder removed but after surgery she develops a rash. Then she tests positive for allergy to everything. The team considers Wilson¹s Disease and Reye Syndrome. Then she develops a blood clot. House decides she has necrotizing fasciitis/flesh-eating bacteria and so he wants to amputate one arm and one leg.
The privacy invasion / ethical breach
House pushes parents to dangerous treatments he is unsure of, he hurts Cuddy and hits Chase (just before realizing that Chase has the solution that will save the child and save House from making a dreadful mistake while he is in pain and not thinking well.
Season 3 DVD
Season 3 DVD
The final diagnosis
Chase figures out that Alice has Congenital Erthropoietic Porphyria, a severe reaction to sunlight and most other lights including the lights used during surgery.
The clinic patient(s)
Unusual situation
After hearing what House did to Cuddy and Chase, Wilson decides to work out a deal with Tritter that will keep House out of jail but force him into treatment.

Finding Judas
House (Hugh Laurie) tries to diagnose a little girl (Alyssa Shafer) with an unexplainable rash in the HOUSE episode "Finding Judas" airing Tuesday, Nov. 28 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Also pictured: Paula Cale and Christopher Gartin.
Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX.
Additional information on this episode:
Cast: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House; Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy; Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman; Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson; Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron; Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase.

Guest Cast: David Morse as Officer Michael Tritter; Alyssa Shafer as Alice; Christopher Gartin as Rob; Paula Cale as Edie; Jodi Long as Judge; Jordana Capra as Wealthy Wife; Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse

Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) will do whatever it takes to find a cure in "Finding Judas" airing Tuesday, Nov. 28 on FOX.
Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX.
Quotes, Quotations, Dialogue:
  • House is restricted to a limited amount of Vicodin so he goes to his secret, secret, secret stash and it is section cut out of a book. Foreman comments on this, "You stash your drugs in a Lupus textbook."
    "It's never Lupus."
  • The team discusses Alice's case and House comes in for the first time and sees evidence of gallstones, though they cannot see an actual gallstone and as Foreman says, "Six-year-olds don't get gallstones." Cameron objects to House's diagnosis, "Your theory is an invisible gallstone?"
    Chase, however, notes that even without knowing anything about the patient, "His theory correctly predicted the pancreatitis."
    Foreman tells Chase, "You might wanna wait until he actually tells us his theory, before you start kissing his theory's ass."
    House confirms, "My theory is— vanishing gallstone. She had it and it passed. Those things travel in packs. Most of them probably hiding out in her gallbladder. Do an ultrasound. If I'm right, take out the organ, so we can analyse the stones."
    Later while doing the ultrasound, Chase defends himself, "I wasn't kissing his arse.
    Foreman says, "It just looked that way from our angle. You on your knees, House bending over."
    "He predicted the pancreatitis."
    Cameron gives her opinion, "It's his dad's fault."
    "My dad was an arse."
    Cameron persists, "But you did everything he wanted you to and, in return, you got everything you wanted."
    "Suuurrre! It's that simple."
    "His strategy worked. Dad got him a cushy job, paid for his cushy life."
    "Cut me out of his cushy will."
    Foreman isn't persuaded, "I told you, just his nature. Poor guy's hardwired to kiss ass."
    Chase then announces the results of the ultrasound, "House was right. Gallstones."
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    Cuddy finds Tritter working in a tiny office in the hospital and she wonders about how far he is taking this, "My Head of Oncology had to shut down. My entire staff are afraid to make a move without covering their ass."
    "I think you're angry at the wrong person."
    "You think Dr. Wilson deserved to have his assets seized? His entire practice ruined?"
    "So, you just— don't care?"
    "This is how I get what I want. I put pressure— on people. And if it doesn't work on Wilson, it'll work on you."
    "You punish the innocent."
    "None of you are innocent. Not one of you. Not one of you has told me the truth about Dr. House."
    "The pills allow him to cope with the pain."
    "No, the pills— distort— reality. He is an addict."
    "He's not out robbing a liquor store.Or—"
    "Look, he's treating people. He needs to find a different way to cope, before he kills somebody! If he hasn't done that already."
    "If you're right, he has a medical problem. It should be dealt with by doctors! Not by the—"
    "Well, it's not being dealt with by doctors. Doctors are covering it up. The whole point of the criminal justice system is to make things right, when everything else fails. With all due respect, you have failed."
  • House tells his team, "This is my office, I'm talking, there are people here who work for me, but not listening. Explain this to me."
    Foreman tells House what he has heard on his cell, "Tritter froze my account. They're checking theirs. I'm on hold with the lawyer."
    House grabs Foreman's cell, and turns it off. "Call Wilson's lawyer. He'll tell you exactly how and why you're screwed. This kid has no history of allergies."
    Foreman explodes, "You gotta talk to Tritter! You gotta make this go away!"
    Chase tells Foreman that he is wasting his time, "Yeah, great plan! The man's obviously open to reason."
    House makes a counter offer, "Here's the plan — we do nothing. We while away the time, diagnosing the patient. Stones were calcium, bilirubin and pigment stones."
  • Wilson comes into a break room where House is playing a video game and House asks him, "What're you doing here?"
    "I work here."
    "You passively-aggressively gave up your practice."
    "I've clinic hours."
    House watches Wilson spread peanut butter on bread, "Now you're passively-aggressively spreading peanut butter. Big sign around your neck saying 'Wilson does not have enough cash for the cafeteria'."
    "You know, before Lenny Bruce died of the drug overdose..."
    "Oy. You're gonna confront me with everyone who's ever used narcotics. Damn, I have to get something to read."
    "He was arrested on obscenity charges. Went through a series of arrests and trials, because he just couldn't stop challenging the police."
    "He became obsessed with his own legal problems and his act turned into long humourless rants about fascist cops and the violation of his rights."
    "I get it, I get it, I need to change my nightclub act. Need more props."
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    Wilson finds Cuddy in her office, obviously distressed and asks her what's wrong and she answers, "I've seen House be rude a thousand times, usually to achieve something. I have never seen him be mean just because he can."
    "Seriously? — What did he say?"
    "Nothing. Doesn't matter."
    "Well, I've seen House be rude to you a thousand times, but I've never seen it get it you."
    "People think House has no— inner censor. The fact is he holds himself back, because when he wants to hurt. He knows just where to poke a sharp stick." Cuddy hesitates and then tells Wilson, "I have been trying to get pregnant. And House knew. He told me I'm a failure as a mother."
    "And you're this upset because— you think he's right?"
    "I have had three separate implantations — the first two never took, the last one, I— lost."
    "I'm sorry. You didn't fail. Those were physical events."
    "A little girl is— scared and in pain. I was— awkward. Terrified of doing the wrong thing."
    "That's normal. That's—"
    "I didn't hug her. I didn't even— reach out and hold her hand. I told her it was gonna be okay."
    "She needed reassurance."
    "I told her her folks might get back together." Cuddy laughs at herself. "When I see people with their kids, it's so natural. It's like they have an instruction book imprinted on their genes. Maybe I just didn't get a copy. Maybe my wanting to be a mother is like a— tone-deaf person wanting sing opera or a paraplegic who wants to—"
    "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Well, I see what you mean about House poking the right spot."
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