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First Season Episodes ::  #106 "The Socratic Method"

First Broadcast
House (Hugh Laurie) takes great interest in a case concerning a young, schizophrenic mother Lucy Palermo (Stacy Edwards) in the episode "The Socratic Method" airing Tuesday, Dec. 21 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Richard Foreman/FOX.
December 21, 2004
Writer / Director
John Mankiewicz / Peter Medak
The patient
A boy's "schizophrenic" mother collapses. Emergency room doctor diagnosis blood clot cause by alcoholism.
How House gets involved
House is in the lobby reading the paper, and avoiding Cuddy, when he overhears the doctor's diagnosis.
The mis-diagnoses
Vitamin K deficiency (which was true but not the main problem), then a tumor (which was there but not the main problem).
The privacy invasion / major ethical breach
Foreman and Chase break into patient's apartment.
The final diagnosis
Wilson's disease --- the patient was never schizophrenic.
The clinic patient(s)
1) Mother brings in overweight kid to have a doctor frighten her about sugar; House doesn't play along. 2) Guy with hiccups.
It is House's birthday but there is no indication of what time of year this episode takes place. It was broadcast after Christmas of the television season but it was the third episode filmed, well before Christmas. But whenever it was filmed or broadcast is not definitive for when it is supposed to take place and therefore when House's birthday is.
Quotes, Dialogue from the episode:
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    House "On the other hand, we dont really know anything about schizophrenia, so maybe it is connected."
    Wilson: "Well, the schizophrenia explains one mystery: why youre so fascinated by a woman with a bump in her leg. Like Picasso deciding to whitewash a fence."
    House "Thanks. Im more of a Leroy Neiman man. And it is only about the DVT. Shes 38 years old, she should be---"
    Wilson: "Right. Solve this one and youre on your way to Stockholm."
    House"We dont even know how to treat it! Come on! Fumigation of the vagina?" [nurses look around]
    Wilson: "A little louder — I dont think everyone heard you."
    House"Two thousand years ago, thats how Galen treated schizophrenics — the Marcus Welby of ancient Greece."
    Wilson: "Oh! Clearly youre not interested."
    House "Im interested. Im interested in how voices in the head could be caused by malposition of the uterus."
    Wilson: "Theres a better place for it?"
    House "And now what have we got? Weve got lobotomies, rubber rooms, electric shock — my — Galen was so primitive."
    Wilson: "Where are you going?"
    House "Going to see the patient. That all-important human connection. Thought Id give it a whirl."
    Wilson: "You wont talk to patients because they lie, but give you patient with no concept of reality---"
    House "If it wasnt for Socrates, that raving untreated schizophrenic, we wouldnt have the Socratic method — the best way of teaching everything, apart from juggling chainsaws. Without Isaac Newton, wed be floating on the ceiling."
    Wilson: "Dodging chainsaws, no doubt."
    House "And that guitar player in that English band — he was great. You think Im interested because of the schizophrenia."
    Wilson: "Yeah. Im pretty sure."
    House "Galen was pretty sure about the fumigation thing." [Then finally remembering the English band] "Pink Floyd."
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