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House's Team

4.12 Don't Ever Change

Initial Symptoms: Woman with bloody urine + loss of bladder control
Diagnosis: Nephroptosis (floating kidney) (House)

Contributions by Team
House (2): Sees patient's symptoms set in when she's lying down, diagnosis for nephroptosis
Cameron (N/A): Not in episode
Chase (0): None
Foreman (2): Suggests leg pain caused by pinched nerve, suggests pheochromocytoma and Addison's disease
Kutner (0): None
Taub (0): None
Thirteen (1): Sees patient is bleeding internally

Notes: House receives an error for insisting that the patient's conversion to Hasidic Judaism was a symptom of altered mental status. If he hadn't done so, he would probably have gotten the diagnosis sooner.
Foreman receives credit for suggesting pheochromocytoma and later Addison's disease, conditions concerning adrenaline production and adrenal glands, because the symptoms under consideration were caused by strain on the right adrenal gland on top of the floating kidney.
Chase came up with an idea to trick the patient into surgery to find the source of her internal bleeding, but House later said that he wouldn't have been able to detect it because the patient would have been lying down. Since the surgery wouldn't have found the problem, Chase receives no credit for his idea.


4.11 Frozen

Initial Symptoms: Woman with severe right flank pain
Diagnosis: Fat emboli (Kutner) from a broken toe (House)

Contributions by Team
House (5): Sees patient's lung is collapsing, tells patient how to re-inflate lung, idea to have mechanic test patient's urine, idea to relieve intercranial pressure, diagnosis for broken toe
Cameron (N/A): Not part of differential
Chase (N/A): Not in episode
Foreman (2): Idea to test kidney function, talks mechanic through tests on patient
Kutner (1): Diagnosis for fat emboli
Taub (0): None
Thirteen (0): None

Notes: I'm assuming that the enlargened and inflamed lymph nodes were irrelevant findings not caused by the fat emboli.
House doesn't receive an error for not making the patient take her socks off during the physical exam because they were examining her lymph nodes, which doesn't require examination of the feet.
Except for Foreman, the Housepets were not involved in this case until the very end.


4.10 It's a Wonderful Lie

Initial Symptoms: Woman with flaccid paralysis of hands + intermittent numbness of arms
Diagnosis: Breast cancer (Taub) + paraneoplastic syndrome (Taub)

Contributions by Team
House (2): Realizes patient must have breast tissue somewhere in her body other than her chest, confirms diagnosis with Risperidone
Cameron (N/A): Not part of differential
Chase (0): None
Foreman (1): Sees patient has osteopetrosis
Kutner (0): None
Taub (2): Diagnosis for breast cancer, diagnosis for paraneoplastic syndrome
Thirteen (0): None

Notes: Taub's diagnosis was based upon the idea that the surgeon may have missed tissue when s/he removed the patient's breasts. House realized that the patient may have breast tissue somewhere else, and found it using a drug that causes breast tissue swelling.


4.09 Games

Initial Symptoms: Man with bloody cough + drug use
Diagnosis: Autoimmune reaction (Kutner) to measles (House)

Contributions by Team
House (3): Realizes blood clotting resulted from patient's drug use, idea to look at masses around patient's heart with surgery, diagnosis for measles
Cameron (0): None
Chase (1): Sees enlargened lymph nodes
Foreman (1): Realizes patient is hiding multiple nicotine patches
Kutner (1): Diagnosis for immune system overreaction
Taub (2): Sees patient has clotting problem, suggests infection
Thirteen (2): Finds bad blood fragments, performs lumbar puncture
Volakis (1): Realizes that patient has been having complex partial seizures

Notes: Volakis was fired at the end of the episode. House's final team is Foreman, Kutner, Taub and Thirteen.
To be honest, the medicine in this episode was so confusing I'm not sure how to award points at all. What ended up being the cause of the bloody cough?
Kutner was the first to suggest the patient's symptoms were caused by overstimulation of his immune system. House later realized that measles were causing the reaction. I'm not sure how his immune system could have been weak enough for him to get measles, then strong enough to overreact to it.
Cameron receives an error for failing to realize that her patient had a serious illness.
Volakis received an error for leaving the patient alone with an oxygen tank, allowing him to blow himself up with a cigarette.
Thirteen received credit for performing the lumbar puncture because, in the real world, that should have showed the measles infection in the patient's brain.


4.08 You Don't Want To Know

Initial Symptoms: Man with cardiac arrest
Diagnosis: Lupus (House) + blood transfusion error (Kutner)

Contributions by Team
House (2): Realizes bleeding during MRI was caused by magnet ripping swallowed key out of patient's intestines, diagnosis for lupus
Cameron (N/A): Not part of differential
Chase (N/A): Not part of differential
Cole (1): Sees fluid in lungs and bleeding in kidney and thigh
Foreman (2): Sees immunoglobulin levels are low, stops House from irradiating patient
Kutner (3): Finds bleeding around patient's heart, diagnosis for bad blood transfusion, sees kidneys are shutting down
Taub (0): None
Thirteen (0): None
Volakis (0): None

Notes: It's unclear whether it was Taub, Volakis, Kutner or Thirteen who performed the ultrasound to find bleeding around the patient's heart when he lost consciousness. I've awarded credit to Kutner because he was the one who told House they did it, implying (but not proving) it was his idea.
Kutner originally suggests "bad blood" and "tainted blood", which throughout the episode seems to imply receiving the wrong blood type as well as infected blood. House realizes the patient received the wrong blood type during his transfusion because lupus made his blood type test results erroneous.
House tests the blood the patient was transfused with by injecting himself with it. I considered awarding him credit, but in the end decided this particular test wasn't necessary for the lupus diagnosis.
Cole was fired at the end of the episode.


4.07 Ugly

This review is a partial one only, and will be completed when the transcript becomes available.

Initial Symptoms: Boy with craniofacial deformity + ventricular fibrillation
Diagnosis: Lyme disease (Thirteen)

Contributions by Team
House (0): None
Cameron (N/A): Not part of differential
Chase (0): None
Cole (0): None
Foreman (0): None
Kutner (0): None
Taub (0): None
Thirteen (2): Diagnosis for Lyme disease, stayed during surgery
Volakis (0): None

Notes: Samira Terzi, the CIA doctor House met in the previous episode, was hired and fired in this episode without contributing anything to the differential.
Cuddy told the team to get a CT scan.
Thirteen was the first to suggest Lyme disease and then spotted the rash before the patient's surgery. At that point she simply suspected the patient was ill without realizing it was Lyme disease, so she was awarded two credits instead of one.



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