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House's Team

4.09 Games

Initial Symptoms: Man with bloody cough + drug use
Diagnosis: Autoimmune reaction (Kutner) to measles (House)

Contributions by Team
House (3): Realizes blood clotting resulted from patient's drug use, idea to look at masses around patient's heart with surgery, diagnosis for measles
Cameron (0): None
Chase (1): Sees enlargened lymph nodes
Foreman (1): Realizes patient is hiding multiple nicotine patches
Kutner (1): Diagnosis for immune system overreaction
Taub (2): Sees patient has clotting problem, suggests infection
Thirteen (2): Finds bad blood fragments, performs lumbar puncture
Volakis (1): Realizes that patient has been having complex partial seizures

Notes: Volakis was fired at the end of the episode. House's final team is Foreman, Kutner, Taub and Thirteen.
To be honest, the medicine in this episode was so confusing I'm not sure how to award points at all. What ended up being the cause of the bloody cough?
Kutner was the first to suggest the patient's symptoms were caused by overstimulation of his immune system. House later realized that measles were causing the reaction. I'm not sure how his immune system could have been weak enough for him to get measles, then strong enough to overreact to it.
Cameron receives an error for failing to realize that her patient had a serious illness.
Volakis received an error for leaving the patient alone with an oxygen tank, allowing him to blow himself up with a cigarette.
Thirteen received credit for performing the lumbar puncture because, in the real world, that should have showed the measles infection in the patient's brain.



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