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House's Team

6.13 Moving The Chains

Initial symptoms: Man who has had a violent episode which he can't remember
Diagnosis: Paraneoplastic syndrome (Chase) + melanoma (House)

Contributions by team
House (3): Discovers patient's GnRH (gonadotropin releasing hormone) levels are elevated, notices patient's palms are white, sees patient didn't lose weight in hospital
Chase (2): Notices patient's liver is inflamed, diagnosis for paraneoplastic syndrome
Foreman (1): Notices patient has cryoglobulinemai (patient's blood is clotting due to cold)
Taub (0)
Thirteen (0)

Notes: Chase suggested the patient had paraneoplastic syndrome, and House found the cancer causing it. He had melanoma, which the team hadn't thought to look for because he was African American.



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