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Recommendation: House and the Philosophy of Nietzsche

Scholar Bernadette Dahan-Delelis has written a series of five articles on Dr. House as the Superman that philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche described in his famous work Thus Spake Zarathustra. The first two have been posted in English by translator Heather Graham, and the remaining articles should be posted soon. This link is to the first article, with the second article linked at the bottom. The original French versions will be available at this website. Thanks very much to both Bernadette and Heather for their hard work and for giving me permission to post these fascinating articles. Go read!

6.07 Known Unknowns

Initial symptoms: Girl with swollen ankles + hands + collapse
Diagnosis: Vibrio vulnificus infection from oysters (House) + hemochromatosis (House)

Contributions by team:
House (4): Realizes patient had low blood potassium, deduces patient was lying, diagnosis for food poisoning, diagnosis for hemochromatosis
Chase (0)
Cameron (2): Idea to test food, suggests patient's illness is caused by a toxin
Foreman (3): Says food may have caused illness, realizes patient has brain damage causing her to lie, sees on scan that patient isn't telling truth during truth serum test
Taub (N/A): Not in episode
Thirteen (N/A): Not in episode

Notes: I'm assuming House was correct about the patient's blood potassium levels being low the night before.
House is awarded a point for deducing that the patient was lying because that's how the team learned she had eaten oysters. At that point they didn't need further information to make their diagnosis, so further attempts to learn what happened the night before don't earn points.
Cameron loses a point for giving the patient vitamin supplements for the bulemia she didn't have, dosing her with iron that proved to be causing her illness.
Again the medicine didn't make much sense, I'm afraid, plus this is the third time they've used hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis really does make people more vulnerable to this type of infection, however.



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