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House's Team

6.12 Remorse

Initial symptoms: Woman with severe ear pain
Diagnosis: Wilson's disease (House)

Contributions by team
House (2): tells team the patient's psychopathy is a symptom, diagnosis for Wilson's disease
Chase (1): suggests change in patient's diet could have caused illness
Foreman (0)
Taub (0)
Thirteen (2): realizes patient is a psychopath, discovers patient's psychopathy is a symptom

Notes: House suggested at the beginning that the patient's psychopathy was a symptom of her physical illness, then abandoned the idea. Thirteen identified it as a symptom after talking to the patient's sister. They both receive credit.
House, stop irradiating patients.
House told Thirteen to test the patient for Wilson's disease, she later said "we ruled it out", but the patient had Wilson's disease after all. Thirteen receives an Error.



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