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House's Team

Episodes 6.08 to 6.11

Episode 6.10, Wilson, is not included here.

6.08 Teamwork

Initial Symptoms: Man with severe headache + photophobia
Diagnosis: Strongyloides (Chase) + extraintestinal Crohn's disease (House + Taub + Thirteen)

Contributions by Team
House (1): Diagnosis for Crohn's disease
Cameron (1): Saw patient's liver is failing
Chase (2): Noticed rash on patient's legs, diagnosis for strongyloides
Foreman (1): Diagnosis for strongyloides
Taub (1): Diagnosis for Crohn's disease
Thirteen (1): Diagnosis for Crohn's disease

I'm going to assume Cameron was correct when she accused House of knowing the final diagnosis. Because they each arrived at it separately, House, Taub and Thirteen all receive credit.
The team discovered the threadworm infection by performing an endoscopic exam of the bile duct, which they did because someone suggested the patient had a disease that damages bile ducts. That person gets credit for the Diagnosis, but who was it?! I can't remember, the Fox recap said it was Chase, and Polite Dissent said it was Foreman. I'm saying it was Chase but please tell me if I'm mistaken.
In this episode the team officially consisted of Foreman, Cameron and Chase, but House dragged Thirteen and Taub in as well. At the end the final composition of the team going forward is Foreman, Chase, Taub and Thirteen.
Goodbye Cameron, who left the show at the end of the episode.

6.09 Ignorance Is Bliss

Initial Symptoms: Man with ataxia + anemia + cough
Diagnosis: Dextromethorphan abuse (House) + thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (Chase)

Contributions by Team
House (2): Realized patient was abusing DXM, realized patient had multiple spleens
Chase (3): Diagnosis for TTP, saw patient was having stroke, found hidden vodka & cough medicine
Foreman (1): Suggested toxins
Taub (1): Deduced patient was in kidney failure
Thirteen (1): Confirmed TTP by finding schistocytes in patient's blood

I'm calling the "robo tripping" a separate diagnosis, because while it turned out to be irrelevant to the illness that put him in the hospital it can't be a good idea to poison your brain.
Chase's diagnosis of TTP was rejected after the patient failed to improve following a splenectomy. House then learned that the patient had broken his ribs years earlier and realized that the trauma had caused his spleen to split off and grow into multiple spleens, and Chase's suggestion of TTP was correct. I'm awarding Chase the Diagnosis for TTP and House a point for realizing it was correct and why.
You would think Chase would have seen the extra spleens before the splenectomy, but since House did not indicate it was Chase's fault that he didn't I'm not giving him an Error.
Another character named James?! Is this an in joke by the writers or something?

6.11 The Down Low

Initial Symptoms: Man with vertigo induced by loud noises
Diagnosis: Hughes-Stovin syndrome (House)

Contributions by Team
House (2): Realized patient is using beta blockers, diagnosis for Hughes-Stovin syndrome
Chase (1): Noticed patient's heart rate didn't increase during a painful procedure
Foreman (0)
Taub (0)
Thirteen (0)

The patient died in the end because his illness was too advanced to treat. The explanation was that he was treating his first symptom, hypertension, with beta blockers and that the team couldn't have cured him if they'd diagnosed him sooner.



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