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House's Team

Season Five Summary

I regret that without transcripts I don't feel I can come up with an accurate tally of points, so I'm going to just count actual diagnoses.

In season five the team consisted of House, Foreman, Kutner, Taub and Thirteen. Kutner left the show after episode 19. Chase and Cameron participated occasionally.

There were 24 episodes, and a total of 28 patients. Three of these patients died and 25 were saved, giving House's patients a survival rate of 89%. There were two patients in Not Cancer, Joy, Emancipation, and Simple Explanation. One patient died in Not Cancer and one in Simple Explanation because their illnesses were not diagnosed in time, as did the patient in Joy to the World. One of the patients in Emancipation was treated and diagnosed by Foreman alone, with assistance from Chase and Cameron.

Cuddy diagnosed the doomed patient in Joy to the World, and Wilson was given co-credit for the diagnosis in Birthmarks. The patient in the season finale Both Sides Now was diagnosed by his own girlfriend. Cameron had two diagnoses of her own, one in Last Resort and one in Simple Explanation, which is very good considering she's no longer on House's team!

Thirteen lead the Housepets with three diagnoses (in Emancipation, Joy to the World and Painless). Foreman had two diagnoses, in Emancipation and The Softer Side. Kutner had the epiphany moment in his final episode Locked In and Taub had the diagnosis in House Divided (if I'm remembering the episode correctly).

House outdiagnosed them all with 23 diagnoses (remember that many episodes have more than one diagnosis). I haven't done an analysis but I believe he's getting the diagnosis much more often than he did in seasons 1 or 2. I doubt this is deliberate on behalf of the writers.

In five seasons, House and his team(s) have diagnosed 124 patients. Of those, 107 were saved. That's an overall survival rate of 86%.

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