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House's Team

6.06 Brave Hearts

This is my 100th post!

Initial symptoms: Man with family history of premature death by cardiac arrest
Diagnosis: Cerebral aneurysm (House)

Contributions by team:
House (1): Diagnosis for berry aneurysm
Cameron (0)
Chase (0)
Foreman (0)

Taub (N/A): Not in episode
Thirteen (N/A): Not in episode

Notes: House receives an error for sending the patient home without a diagnosis, or rather with a fake diagnosis.
The emergency technicians are responsible for wrongfully pronouncing the patient dead, Foreman and House do not receive an error.
Cameron receives an error for ignoring the patient's complaint of jaw pain. Not only was it a symptom, but jaw pain can indicate a heart attack - exactly what this patient was in danger of having.
The medicine was pretty shaky. Why didn't they test for Wilson's disease, instead of treating for it?



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