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House's Team

4.11 Frozen

Initial Symptoms: Woman with severe right flank pain
Diagnosis: Fat emboli (Kutner) from a broken toe (House)

Contributions by Team
House (5): Sees patient's lung is collapsing, tells patient how to re-inflate lung, idea to have mechanic test patient's urine, idea to relieve intercranial pressure, diagnosis for broken toe
Cameron (N/A): Not part of differential
Chase (N/A): Not in episode
Foreman (2): Idea to test kidney function, talks mechanic through tests on patient
Kutner (1): Diagnosis for fat emboli
Taub (0): None
Thirteen (0): None

Notes: I'm assuming that the enlargened and inflamed lymph nodes were irrelevant findings not caused by the fat emboli.
House doesn't receive an error for not making the patient take her socks off during the physical exam because they were examining her lymph nodes, which doesn't require examination of the feet.
Except for Foreman, the Housepets were not involved in this case until the very end.



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