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House's Team

4.07 Ugly

This review is a partial one only, and will be completed when the transcript becomes available.

Initial Symptoms: Boy with craniofacial deformity + ventricular fibrillation
Diagnosis: Lyme disease (Thirteen)

Contributions by Team
House (0): None
Cameron (N/A): Not part of differential
Chase (0): None
Cole (0): None
Foreman (0): None
Kutner (0): None
Taub (0): None
Thirteen (2): Diagnosis for Lyme disease, stayed during surgery
Volakis (0): None

Notes: Samira Terzi, the CIA doctor House met in the previous episode, was hired and fired in this episode without contributing anything to the differential.
Cuddy told the team to get a CT scan.
Thirteen was the first to suggest Lyme disease and then spotted the rash before the patient's surgery. At that point she simply suspected the patient was ill without realizing it was Lyme disease, so she was awarded two credits instead of one.



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