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4.06 Whatever It Takes

At the beginning of the episode House was whisked away by the CIA to treat an ill agent. Eventually House diagnosed him with selenium poisoning from eating too many Brazil nuts and returned to PPTH at the end of the episode.
Back in Princeton, Foreman lead the Housepets. This analysis will cover their patient only.

Initial Symptoms: Woman with seizure
Diagnosis: Heat stroke (Foreman) + thallium poisoning (House)

Contributions by Team
House (2): Diagnosis for thallium poisoning by Brennan
Brennan (0): None (see notes)
Cameron (0)
: None
Chase (0)
: None
Cole (0)
: None
Foreman (2)
: Diagnosis for heat stroke, realizes patient doesn't have polio
Kutner (0): None
Taub (0)
: None
Thirteen (0): None
Volakis (0): None

Notes: Should I even bother pointing out that Brennan was in error for poisoning the patient with thallium and faking the positive polio test result? It doesn't matter, because Brennan is gone and hopefully in prison. The Housepets can be forgiven for not considering the possibility that someone in the hospital was poisoning their patient.
House probably realized that the patient only had heat stroke when he accepted her as a patient.



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