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House's Team

4.05 Mirror, Mirror

Initial Symptoms: Man with respiratory distress
Diagnosis: Environmental dependency syndrome (House) + Eperythrozoon infection (House)

Contributions by Team
House (8): Diagnosis for environmental dependency syndrome, sees livedo reticularis (rash), realizes cold agglutinins are causing rash, tells team to search patient's car to get his history, idea to analyze patient's antibodies to find out where he's been, puts patient on lipopolysaccharide to induce fever, idea to imitate patient to trigger his memories, diagnosis for Eperythrozoon infection
Brennan (0): None
Cameron (0)
: None
Chase (0)
: None
Cole (1)
: Suggests finding out where patient has been to find source of infection
Foreman (1): Points out that patient is mimicking names and symptoms of those around him
Kutner (1): Suggests warming patient with hot tub to draw blood for blood cultures
Taub (0): None
Thirteen (1): Knows to treat patient with clarithromycin
Volakis (1): Suggests patient has infection

Notes: Foreman rejoined the team in this episode.
The condition House calls Giovannini Mirror Syndrome is real, but is one isolated case. Its discoverers called it environmental dependency syndrome. The real case was caused by brain damage, but in this episode it wasn't clear if the patient's illness caused it or if it was pre-existing. I've chosen to believe it was separate from his infection and therefore count it as a separate diagnosis.
It was Brennan's idea to perform an ultrasound on the patient to look for abscesses. What was found was a lump of congealed blood that did not forward the diagnosis, however, so Brennan receives no credit.
I wasn't sure whether to give House a credit for trying to find the patient's travel history by testing his antibodies. The antibodies showed that the patient had been to Ohio, and in the end they found out he was from Ohio so I did give House the credit.
Kutner receives an error for not realizing that the patient had real memories.
Foreman suggested a heart biopsy, but since it gave them no information he doesn't receive credit for it.



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