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4.02 The Right Stuff

House begins this episode with 27 fellowship applicants, which he is narrowing down to two or three over a series of episodes. Starting now I am listing the nine that will be crucial for the following episodes and will cross them off as they are eliminated by House.
Because I don't know if the original Housepets will rejoin the Department of Diagnostic Medicine, I will continue to list them as well. From now on I'll list them all in alphabetical order.

The nine prospective Housepets are:
Travis Brennan (#37), epidemiologist nicknamed Grumpy
Jeffery Cole (#18), geneticist nicknamed Big Love
Jodi Desai (#32), veterinarian
Henry Dobson (#26), not a doctor
Remy Hadley, called Thirteen (#13), internist (her name can be seen on Chase's betting slips in Mirror, Mirror)
Lawrence Kutner (#6/9), rehabilitative and sports medicine specialist
Chris Taub (#39), plastic surgeon
Twins (#15A &15B), pediatric endocrinologists
Amber Volakis (#24), interventional radiologist nicknamed Cutthroat Bitch

Initial Symptoms: Woman with synaesthesia
Diagnoses: Von Hipple-Lindau disease (Chase) + pheochromacytoma (Chase)

Contributions by Team
House (2): Idea to test patient's liver by stressing it, performs auscultatory percussion to detect masses in lungs
Brennan (0): None
Desai (0)
: None
Cameron (0)
: None
Chase (2): Diagnosis for Von Hipple-Lindau disease, diagnosis for pheochromacytoma
Cole (0): None
Dobson (0)
: None
Foreman (N/A): Not in episode
Kutner (2): Realizes patient is having a heart attack, suggests using alcohol to stress liver
Taub (3): Notices elevated red blood count, talks patient out of chapel, idea to examine lungs as part of breast implant surgery
Thirteen (2): Suggests "hormone overproduction" caused atrial flutter, idea to administer oxygen in stress test room for medical records falsification
Twin A (0): None
Twin B (0)
: None
Volakis (1)
: Suggests patient has problem with her liver

Notes: At the end of the episode it is revealed that both Chase and Cameron are still at PPTH, Chase as a surgeon and Cameron as an attending in the Emergency department (I'm not sure which is more ridiculous). Foreman is running a diagnostic group in a different hospital.
Pheochromacytomas are associated with some types of Von Hipple-Lindau disease.
House started with 27 fellowship candidate in this episode, which were narrowed down to these nine by the end.
Some have argued that during the surgery House did know the correct diagnoses before Chase revealed them. There's no way to be sure and I myself saw no proof of it, so I'm awarding these diagnoses to Chase.



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