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House's Team

4.04 Guardian Angels

Initial Symptoms: Woman with grand mal seizure + hallucinations
Diagnosis: Ergot poisoning (Volakis)

Contributions by Team
House (2): Diagnoses patient's late mother with Parkinson's disease, realizes patient's illness isn't vascular
Brennan (0): None
Cameron (0)
: None
Chase (1)
: Sees spleen is enlargened
Cole (1): Sees liver is necrotic
Dobson (3): Realizes patient is having delusions as well as hallucinations, idea to question play along with the patient's delusion to get family history, says blood supply to liver and spleen are being cut off
Foreman (N/A): Not involved in the diagnosis
Kutner (0)
: None
Taub (0)
: None
Thirteen (0): None
Volakis (1): Diagnosis for ergotism

Notes: House didn't order anyone to search the patient's home or check her food, so how did Cole know that the patient only ate organic food? He didn't realize the significance of this, so I'm not awarding him points.
House and Dobson thinking alike was a running theme in this episode, so theoretically Dobson's points are House's as well.
House is given credit for his post mortem diagnosis of the patient's mother because eliminating genetic illnesses was part of the diagnostic process.
I'm not sure if the visceral angiogram House ordered would have ruled out vasculitis or not, but since House realized this without the angiogram results anyway he doesn't receive extra credit.
Some viewers felt that House realized the correct diagnosis moments before Volakis did. I didn't see evidence to prove that, so Volakis is given credit and not House.
Dobson was fired at the end of this episode.



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