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House's Team

4.03 97 Seconds

Initial Symptoms: Man with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) + fainting
Diagnosis: Strongyloides (threadworms) (House + Thirteen)

Contributions by Team
House (3): Diagnosis for Strongyloides, spots necrosis in cervical lymph node, realizes dog died from eating patient's medication
Brennan (0): None
Cameron (1)
: Idea for xenodiagnosis
Chase (0): None
Cole (0)
: None
Desai (0
): None
Dobson (0): None
Foreman (N/A)
: Not involved in the diagnosis
Kutner (2): Suggests patient contracted disease in Thailand, idea to test stool
Taub (1): Realizes patient's kidneys are failing
Thirteen (4): Diagnosis for Strongyloides, says trouble swallowing was caused by SMA, realizes patient's lungs are filling with fluid, knows lung fluid should be bloody if patient has cancer
Twin A (1): Idea to put patient on tilt table
Twin B (0): None
Volakis (0)
: None

Notes: House had already diagnosed the patient before Thirteen did.
Thirteen received an error for not making sure the patient took his medication, though it's unclear why he didn't.
The candidates were working in two teams throughout the first half of the episode.
It's unclear whose idea it was to test the patient's stool, but I have to give it to someone so I gave it to Kutner. After only two weeks the worms shouldn't have been in the patient's stool, but it's where to start looking for parasites.
Volakis is not getting credit for asking House's former fellows for help!
The twins and Desai were fired at the end of the episode.
In a different hospital, Foreman diagnoses a case of anaplastic large cell lymphoma and saves his patient - for which he is fired, ironically.



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