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House's Team

4.01 Alone

Initial Symptoms: Woman injured in building collapse with fever + fluctuating consciousness
Diagnosis: Serotonin syndrome (House) + delirium tremens (House) + Warfarin/estrogen interaction (House) + antibiotics allergy (Cuddy) + mistaken identity (House)

Contributions by Team
House (7): Diagnosis for serotonin syndrome from MAOI/Demerol interaction, diagnosis for delirium tremens from alcohol withdrawal, sees patient has internal bleeding, notices enlargened uterus, diagnosis for Warfarin/estrogen interaction, spots eosinophilic granuloma, diagnosis for mistaken identity
Chase (N/A): Not in episode
Cameron (N/A): Not in episode
Foreman (N/A): Not in episode

Notes: House was working alone in this episode (hence the title) with no team and only Cuddy and a janitor helping him.
Cuddy realized that the patient had pancreatitis, and made the diagnosis for cephalosporin allergy from the lump House spotted on the patient's arm.



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