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House's Team

4.15 House's Head

This review is a partial one only, and will be completed when/if a transcript becomes available.

Initial Symptoms: Man with injuries from traffic accident + leg paralysis
Diagnosis: Air embolism (House)

Contributions by Team
House (2): Diagnosis for air embolism, idea for removing it
Cameron (0): None
Chase (0): None
Foreman (0): None
Kutner (0): None
Taub (0): None
Thirteen (0): None

Notes: House begins the episode convinced that one of the passengers on a crashed bus is ill, and that person appears to be the bus driver. House diagnoses him only to realize that he's not the patient he was looking for. This review focuses on the bus driver's case, the medicine of which I found confusing but I did the best I could here.
Kudos to Thirteen (now given a name: Hadley) for performing the procedure on the patient, but I honestly can't remember the circumstances on how she came to be the only person in the room to do it. For now she won't receive a point, but this may change when I see the episode again.
To find the ill passenger, who is revealed to be Amber at the end, House has Chase hypnotize him. When Amber appears in House's hypnotic vision, however, Chase tells House to ignore her and therefore prevents House from realizing the truth. If I were awarding points for this part of the diagnosis Chase would get a point for knowing how to perform hypnosis (is there anything Chase can't do this season?) but would lose one for influencing House's recall during the procedure.
While I laughed out loud when Cuddy told House to go home and rest after discovering his skull was fractured and when Foreman the neurologist told Kutner to forget House's condition, again those aren't part of the differential here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although it was an amazing chain of events we were led through in the last two eps there seem to be a logic failure in this search for who House should be trying to save.

Wouldn't it have been a reasonable step to check each of the individuals that was injured in the crash at some point before we begin holistically, pharmaceutically, and electrically torturing the brain of an injured person...even if they are a doctor? There couldn't have been more than 20 people on the bus. A couple of hours spent going to each one would have saved a lot of time.

September 13, 2008 10:19 AM  

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