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House's Team

4.14 Living The Dream

Initial Symptoms: Man with loss of peripheral vision
Diagnosis: Allergic vasculitis (House) + allergy to quinine (House)

Contributions by Team
House (4): Notices patient has peripheral vision loss, sees patient is delirious, diagnosis for allergic vasculitis, diagnosis for allergy to quinine
Cameron (1): Idea to test thyroid with iodine uptake test
Chase (N/A): Not part of differential
Foreman (1): Notices patient is using his fingers in an odd way
Kutner (1): Sees that patient's kidneys aren't filtering iodine
Taub (0): None
Thirteen (0): None

Notes: I'm calling the vasculitis and the allergy two different diagnoses, because it was possible to diagnose one without diagnosing the other, so House gets credit for both.
I'm assuming that Foreman's suggestion about the patient having a neurological problem based on how he was holding his stethoscope was correct, since he did have other neurological symptoms.
Cameron makes suggestions for testing the patient for nerve entrapment when his foot becomes numb, and for testing his thyroid when Graves Diseases is suspected. By my method of working backwards from the correct diagnosis, these ideas would usually not receive credit. Cameron's idea for the iodine uptake test prevented House from destroying the patient's healthy thyroid, however, so I'm giving her credit for it.



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