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Featured Diseases

Abdominal tuberculoma in 1.10 Histories
Abuse / violence (see also Sexual abuse) in 3.12 One Day, One Room
Acute intermittent porphyria (AIP) (also see Porphyria) in 1.22 Honeymoon
Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) in 6.10 Wilson
Acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) in 5.08 Emancipation
Addison's disease in 3.01 Meaning
African sleeping sickness in 1.07 Fidelity
Alcohol / drug abuse in 1.06 The Socratic Method, 1.12 Sports Medicine, 2.11 Need To Know, 3.07 Son of a Coma Guy, 4.01 Alone, 4.09 Games, 5.14 Unfaithful, 6.09 Ignorance Is Bliss
Alien hand syndrome see Split brain
Allergic vasculitis in 4.14 Living the Dream
Alveolar rhabdomyosacrcoma in 2.02 Autopsy
Amantadine poisoning in 4.16 Wilson's Heart
Amyloid A (AA) amyloidosis (see also Amyloidosis) in 3.03 Informed Consent
Amyloidosis in 3.02 Informed Consent
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (also see Intersexuality) in 2.13 Skin Deep
Anthrax in 1.13 Cursed
Arsenic poisoning in 5.08 Emancipation
Arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in 1.09 DNR
Assisted suicide in 3.03 Informed Consent (see also Euthanasia), 6.07 Known Unknowns
Autism in 3.04 Lines in the Sand
Baylisascaris infection see Raccoon roundworm infection
Behcet's disease in 2.08 The Mistake
Benign tumor in 2.02 Autopsy, 2.11 Need To Know
Bipolar disorder in 2.10 Failure to Communicate, 6.01 Broken
Blastomycosis in 5.20 Simple Explanation, 6.04 The Tyrant
Blood transfusion, blood type mismatch in 4.08 You Don't Want To Know
Brain aneurysm see Cerebral aneurysm
Breast cancer in 4.10 It's a Wonderful Lie
Broken heart syndrome in 3.11 Words and Deeds
Brucellosis in 2.14 Sex Kills
Bubonic plague in 2.18 Sleeping Dogs Lie
Bulimia in 1.14 Control
Burns in 2.12 Distractions
Cadmium poisoning in 1.12 Sports Medicine
Carcinoid tumor in 5.18 Here Kitty
Cavernous angioma in 2.05 Daddy's Boy
Celiac disease in 2.22 Forever
Cerebral aneurysm in 6.06 Brave Hearts
Chagas disease in 4.13 No More Mr. Nice Guy
Chimerism in 3.02 Cane and Able
Chronic ganulomatous disease in 3.08 Whac-A-Mole
Chronic insensitivity to pain (CIPA) in 3.14 Insensitive
Chronic pain in 5.12 Painless
Cochlear implants in 5.22 House Divided
Common variable immune deficiency (CVID) in 1.17 Role Model
Coma see Vegetative state
Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation (CCAM) in 3.17 Fetal Position
Congenital erythropoietic porphyria (see also Porphyria) in 3.09 Finding Judas
Congestive heart failure in 1.14 Control
Conversion disorder in 2.13 Skin Deep, 3.08 Whac-A-Mole
Copper allergy in 1.05 Damned If You Do
Crohn's disease in 6.08 Teamwork
Cushing's disease in 1.16 Heavy
Deafness in 5.22 House Divided
Deformity in 4.07 Ugly
Depression (see also Suicide) in 3.22 Resignation, 5.12 Painless, 5.20 Simple Explanation, 6.02 Broken
Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) in 2.03 Humpty Dumpty
Doege-Potter syndrome in 5.17 The Social Contract
Dwarfism in 3.10 Merry Little Christmas
Echinococcus infection in 2.07 Hunting
Eclampsia in 5.5.11 Joy to the World
Ectopic pregnancy in 5.01 Dying Changes Everything
Encephalitis see Herpes encephalitis
Endocarditis in 3.20 House Training
Enterovirus infection in 1.04 Maternity
Environmental dependancy syndrome in 4.05 Mirror, Mirror
Eperythrozoon infection in 4.05 Mirror, Mirror
Epilepsy in 5.12 Painless
Epstein-Barr virus in 1.17 Role Model
Erdheim-Chester disease in 2.17 All In
Ergot poisoning in 4.04 Guardian Angels
Euthanasia in 3.03 Informed Consent (see also Assisted suicide), 6.07 Known Unknowns
Fabry's disease in 6.03 Epic Fail
Familial Mediterranean fever in 5.06 Joy
Food poisoning in 2.14 Sex Kills, 4.04 Guardian Angels, 6.07 Known Unknowns
Frontal lobe disinhibition in 5.17 The Social Contract
Genetic mosaicism (see also Intersexuality) in 5.15 The Softer Side
Giovannini mirror syndrome see Environmental dependency syndrome
Gold poisoning in 2.15 Clueless
Gonorrhea in 2.14 Sex Kills, 5.23 Under My Skin
Graft vs host disease in 3.21 Family
Hallucinogenic mushrooms in 5.11 Joy to the World
Heart defect in 3.24 Human Error, 5.13 Big Baby
Hemochromatosis in 2.23 Who's Your Daddy?, 3.23 The Jerk, 6.07 Known Unknowns
Hepatitis C in 1.15 Mob Rules, 2.08 The Mistake
Hereditary angioedema in 3.05 Fools For Love
Hereditary coproporphyria (see also Porphyria) in 5.10 Let Them Eat Cake
Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia in 3.16 Top Secret
Herpes encephalitis in 2.05 Damned If You Do, 2.19 House vs God
Histoplasmosis in 3.21 Family
HIV / AIDS in 2.07 Hunting
Hughes-Stovin syndrome in 6.11 The Down Low
Huntington's disease in 4.08 You Don't Want To Know, 5.10 Let Them Eat Cake
Hysteria see Mass hysteria
Incest see Sexual abuse
Intersexuality in 2.13 Skin Deep, 5.15 The Softer Side
Ipecac abuse in 1.14 Control
Iron toxicity in 5.08 Emancipation
Langerhans cell histiocytosis in 3.10 Merry Little Christmas
Lead poisoning in 5.07 The Itch
Legionnaire's disease in 2.20&2.21 Euphoria
Leishmaniasis in 5.20 Simple Explanation
Leprosy in 1.13 Cursed, 5.01 Dying Changes Everything
Leptospirosis in 5.19 Locked In
Liver cancer in 1.05 The Socratic Method, 2.08 The Mistake
Locked-in syndrome in 5.19 Locked In
Lung cancer in 1.18 Babies and Bathwater, 3.06 Que Sera Sera
Lupus in 4.08 You Don't Want To Know
Lyme disease in 4.07 Ugly
Malaria in 2.10 Failure To Communicate
Male menopause in 3.11 Words and Deeds
Mass hysteria in 3.18 Airborne
Maternal mirror syndrome in 3.17 Fetal Position
Melanoma in 6.13 Moving The Chains
Melioidosis in 5.09 Last Resort
Meningioma in 3.11 Words and Deeds
MERRF Myoclonic epilepsy and ragged red fiber disease in 3.07 Son of a Coma Guy
Methanol poisoning in 2.01 Acceptance
Methyl bromide poisoning in 3.18 Airborne
Munchausen's syndrome in 2.09 Deception
Myasthenia gravis in 2.06 Spin
Naegleria infection in 2.20&2.21 Euphoria
Naphthalene poisoning in 1.11 Detox
Necrotizing fascitis in 1.21 Three Stories
Nephroptosis in 4.12 Don't Ever Change
Nesidioblastoma in 2.04 TB Or Not TB
Neurosyphilis in 3.15 Half-Wit
Organ donation in 1.14 Control, 2.14 Sex Kills, 5.02 Not Cancer
Organophosphate poisoning in 1.08 Poison
Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency (OTD) in 1.15 Mob Rules
Osteomyelitis in 1.20 Love Hurts
Osteosarcoma in 1.21 Three Stories
Pancreatic cancer in 5.24 Both Sides Now
Paraneoplastic syndrome in 1.18 Babies and Bathwater, 2.13 Skin Deep, 3.06 It's a Wonderful Lie, 6.13 Moving The Chains
Parthenogenesis (virgin birth) in 5.11 Joy to the World
Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) in 5.13 Big Baby
Peptic ulcer in 2.08 The Mistake
Phantom limb pain in 6.04 The Tyrant
Pheochromocytoma in 4.02 The Right Stuff, 2.01 Acceptance
Pica in 3.04 Lines in the Sand
Pituitary tumor in 3.10 Merry Little Christmas
Placental abruption in 5.06 Joy
Popcorn lung in 6.10 Wilson
Porphyria in 1.22 Honeymoon, 3. 09 Finding Judas, 5.10 Let Them Eat Cake
Precocious puberty in 3.19 Act Your Age
Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis in 2.20&2.21 Euphoria
Primary antiphospholipid syndrome in 6.05 Instant Karma
Propylene glycol poisoning in 5.24 Both Sides Now
Psittacosis in 2.03 Humpty Dumpty
Psychopathy in 6.12 Remorse
Pure red cell aplasia (PRCA) in 2.06 Spin
Rabies in 1.10 Histories
Raccoon roundworm infection in 3.04 Lines in the Sand
Radiation poisoning in 2.05 Daddy's Boy
Ragged red fiber disease see MERRF
Rape see Sexual abuse
Retroperitoneal bleed in 3.15 Half-Wit
Sarcoidosis in 5.22 House Divided, 6.04 The Tyrant
Scurvy in 3.01 Meaning
Serotonin syndrome in 2.12 Distractions, 4.01 Alone
Sexual abuse / Rape in 2.13 Skin Deep, 3.12 One Day, One Room
Sjogren's syndrome in 5.05 Lucky Thirteen
Sleeping sickness see African sleeping sickness
Spinal meningioma see Meningioma
Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) in 4.03 97 Seconds
Split brain in 5.24 Both Sides Now
Sporotrichosis in 5.21 Saviors
Stomach cancer in 2.22 Forever
Stomach ulcer see Peptic ulcer
Stroke in 1.09 DNR, 2.02 Autopsy
Strongyloides infection in 4.03 97 Seconds and 6.08 Teamwork
Subacute sclerosis panencephalitis in 1.02 Paternity
Suicide in 5.20 Simple Explanation
Syphilis see Neurosyphilis
Takayasu's arteritis in 3.15 Half-Wit
Tapeworm in 1.01 Pilot, 3.14 Insensitive
Testicular cancer in 2.13 Skin Deep
Thallium poisoning in 4.06 Whatever It Takes
Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpurea (TTP) in 1.19 Kids and 6.09 Ignorance Is Bliss
Thymoma in 2.06 Spin
Tick paralysis in 2.16 Safe
Toxic epidermal necrolysis in 5.23 Under My Skin
Tuberculosis (TB) in 2.04 TB Or Not TB
Tuberous sclerosis in 2.19 House vs God
Urinary tract obstruction in 3.17 Fetal Position
Vegetative state in 3.01 Meaning, 3.07 Son of a Coma Guy
Vasculitis see also Allergic vasculitis, Behcet's disease, Takayasu's arteritis
Vibrio vulnificus infection in 6.07 Known Unknowns
Visceral leishmaniasis see Leishmaniasis
Vitamin K deficiency in 1.06 The Socratic Method
Von Hipple-Lindau disease in 4.02 The Right Stuff
Wilson's disease in 1.06 The Socratic Method and 6.12 Remorse
Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome in 5.14 Unfaithful
Zygomycosis infection in 2.23 Who's Your Daddy?


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