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3.17 Fetal Position

Two patients were diagnosed and treated in this episode, a woman and her unborn child.

Initial Symptoms: Pregnant woman with stroke
Diagnosis: Maternal mirror syndrome (House)

Contributions by Team
House (1): Diagnosis for maternal mirror syndrome
Chase (0): None
Cameron (0): None
Foreman (0): None

Notes: House was correct about the patient having mitral valve stenosis, but it was not causing her symptoms and Camerons said it was so mild it would never have affected her at all. House doesn't get credit as a result.

Initial Symptoms:
21-week-old fetus causing maternal mirror syndrome
Diagnosis: Urinary tract obstruction (Cuddy) + congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation (CCAM) (House)

Contributions by Team
House (4): Idea to paralyse fetus and perform MRI, knows that three taps are necessary on bladder, diagnosis for CCAM, idea to operate on fetus
Chase (1): Idea to operate on fetus
Cameron (1): Sees that lungs aren't developing
Foreman (1): Suggests that lungs are the problem

Notes: Cuddy also speeds up the fetal lung development with corticosteroids, and has the idea to perform a transjugular hepatic biopsy.
Chase commented that surgery would be the last alternative to diagnose a real person, not intending to suggest that they operate on the fetus, and from there House proceeded to do exactly that. They were both awarded credit for the idea as a result.



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