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House's Team

3.15 Half-Wit

The Housepets worked more on treating House for his fake cancer than they did on diagnosing their real patient. Because all of the team, House included, studied Luke N. Laura's case, I counted it as a separate diagnosis. Two patients were diagnosed in this episode as a result.

Official Patient
Initial Symptoms: Man with brain damage + dystonia (muscle contractions)
Diagnosis: Takayasu's arteritis (Chase+Foreman)

Contributions by Team
House (5): Realizes patient can create music as well as play it, spots increase in heart rate, predicts bleed below kidney, proves patient still has activity in "dead" part of brain, suggests hemispherectomy to stop seizures and improve brain function
Chase (1): Diagnosis for Takayasu's arteritis
Cameron (2): Realizes problem is that seizures are getting worse, suggests bleeding in the brain
Foreman (5): Knows that listening and playing are different neurological processes, realizes heart problem didn't cause dystonia, realizes patient's brain is getting worse, suggests intercranial EEG, diagnosis for Takayasu's arteritis

Notes: Chase suggested an auto-immune disease. The team then worked on confirming this, and ultimately Foreman narrowed it down to Takayasu's arteritis.

Alleged Cancer Patient
Initial Symptoms: Patient with mass in dorsal midbrain
Diagnosis: Gumma from neurosyphilis (Chase)

Contributions by Team
House (0): None
Chase (2): Tests "House" for protein PHF, diagnosis for gumma
Cameron (0): None
Foreman (1): Recognizes position of mass and its implications



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