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House's Team

3.14 Insensitive

Initial Symptoms: Girl with Chronic Insensitivity to Pain (CIPA) + car accident injuries + fever
Diagnosis: Tapeworm in the gut (House)

Contributions by Team
House (4): Noticed patient had CIPA, idea to biopsy nerves, realizes patient has B12 deficiency, diagnosis for tapeworm
Chase (1): Idea to induce pain in patient
Cameron (1): Realizes patient's symptoms were caused by treatment
Foreman (1): Realizes patient's pain is emotional

Notes: I was tempted to give House an error for insisting on biopsying the patient's spinal nerves for his own purposes, before he even knew she was sick, but I didn't because he didn't actually do it. Besides, without House insisting on all those tests they wouldn't have found the tapeworm at all. Biopsying another nerve was diagnostically necessary and revealed important information, so he still received credit.



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