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House's Team

3.11 Words and Deeds

Initial Symptoms: Man with shortness of breath + altered mental status + chills
Diagnosis: Male menopause (House) + broken heart syndrome (Cameron) + spinal meningioma (House)

Contributions by Team
House (4): Spots arrhythmia on EKG and suggests heart attack, diagnosis for male menopause, suggests environmental cause for heart attacks (the woman the patient loves), diagnosis for spinal meningioma
Chase (2): Suggests patient is hiding his chest pain, realizes patient is having a heart attack
Cameron (1): Diagnosis for broken heart syndrome
Foreman (2): Suggests a brain tumour (twice), runs MRI on patient

Notes: The broken heart syndrome was caused by the tumour, since the tumour created the false memories that seem to be responsible, but is credited as a separate diagnosis.
House was assigned an error for ignoring the abnormal EKG at the beginning of the episode. He also received an error for giving the patient electroshock therapy to wipe his memories. He should have gotten more confirmation of the diagnosis or considered other treatments before resorting to essentially killing the patient.
The symptom of the patient's memories being false was missed, but who missed it? My first reaction was to say Cameron, but she wasn't the only doctor treating the patient. I've concluded that the entire team is guilty of that one, so Cameron isn't given an error for it.
Foreman was given credit for performing the MRI on the patient because it seemed to have been his idea, but this wasn't completely clear. It wasn't House's idea.



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