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House's Team

3.05 Fools for Love

Initial Symptoms: Woman with anaphylactic shock + abdominal pains
Diagnosis: Hereditary angioedema (House)

Contributions by Team
House (3): Idea to take wife off steroids to rule out infection, realizes patients are brother and sister, diagnosis for angioedema
Chase (1): Sees edema throughout wife's brain
Cameron (1): Realizes illness isn't environmental
Foreman (2): Diagnoses allergy to antibiotic, sees bowel isn't dead and says high lactic acid was from stress

Notes: The patient's husband became a patient himself when he fell ill too. The husband and wife's diagnoses were combined because they had the same illness and the team realized this during the differential diagnosis.



Blogger joann said...

the part i'm inquiring about is the last few minutes when House is on his motorcycle. He is stopped by a blonde policeman who appeared earlier in the episode as someone House was to apologize to. The last moment of the episode show this blonde policeman arresting House for possession of Vicodin and operating his bike under the influence. What happened???

December 8, 2008 10:49 AM  

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