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House's Team

3.02 Cane and Able

Initial Symptoms: Boy with hallucinations + rectal bleeding
Diagnosis: Chimerism causing abnormal cells in the heart, bone marrow and brain (House)

Contributions by Team
House (6): Suggests patient has a bleeding disorder, spots section of myocardium not beating, idea to inject antibody tag into brain-blood barrier, realizes that tag won't work on brain cells, diagnosis for chimerism, idea to induce hallucination to find and remove foreign cells from brain
Chase (2): Analyzes DNA from heart and patient and sees they don't match, idea to cut out foreign tissue
Cameron (3): Suggests testing clotting factors, realizes that hypertension activated patient's clotting factors, idea to tag foreign DNA with an antibody
Foreman (1): Insists hallucinations are being caused by problem in the brain

Notes: House received an error for wanting to send the patient home, even though it was because he was having a crisis of confidence rather than poor medical judgment. If Wilson and Cuddy were part of this analysis... let's not go there.



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