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House's Team

2.23 Who's Your Daddy?

Initial Symptoms: Girl with cardiogenic shock + hallucinations
Diagnosis: Hemochromatosis (House) + Zygomycosis infection in the lungs (Foreman)

Contributions by Team
House (4): Recognizes that hallucinations are caused by pain, diagnoses patient's grandfather with hemocromatosis by listening to his music, diagnosis for hemocromatosis, idea to confirm hemocromatosis diagnosis by looking at patient's skin
Chase (1): Suggests mold as cause of illness
Cameron (0): None
Foreman (3): Realizes patient is in liver failure, suggests patient has fungal infection, diagnosis for Zygomycosis infection

Notes: House received an error for giving the patient radiation to kill her bone marrow to treat an autoimmune disease they didn't even test for.
House correctly deduced that the patient was lying about her paternity, but since it was irrelevant for her diagnosis this was not credited.



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