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House's Team

2.01 Acceptance

Initial Symptoms: Man with hallucinations + tachycardia + pulmonary edema
Diagnosis: Methanol poisoning (House) + pheochromocytoma (House)

Contributions by Team
House (3): Diagnosis for copier fluid poisoning, realizes that patient's behaviour is a symptom, diagnosis for pheochromocytoma
Chase (2): Lists methanol as cause of symptoms, suggests adrenaline
Cameron (0): None
Foreman (0): None

Notes: Foreman received an error for refusing to save the patient when he went into cardiac arrest. That's blatant negligence.
Cameron refused to admit that her clinic patient was terminal. It doesn't count as an error because she wasn't the team's case, I'm simply noting it.
Foreman planned to testify in defense of their patient, stating that his illness contributed to his crimes. It's debatable whether this is part of his physician's duty or should be counted as care; I've decided it isn't and am not giving him a credit for it as a result, but again it's worthy of note.



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