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House's Team

1.14 Control

Initial Symptoms: Woman with leg pain + paralysis
Diagnosis: Bulimia (House) + congestive heart failure (House) from ipecac poisoning (House)

Contributions by Team
House (3): Diagnosis for bulimia, diagnosis for congestive heart failure, diagnosis for ipecac poisoning
Chase (0): None
Cameron (0): None
Foreman (0): None

Notes: Chase messed up an angiogram on the patient's leg while checking for blood clots. The problem in the end was muscle damage from ipecac poisoning, so under the criteria I use it usually wouldn't count because the diagnosis wasn't related to a blood clot. In this case I am calling it an error because 1) House caught it after the fact without Chase realizing his mistake, meaning that if the patient did have a blood clot Chase wouldn't have found it; 2) it was regarded as a serious error by the other characters, while errors in treatments are usually glossed over.



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