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House's Team

Season One Summary

In the first season there were 22 episodes, two of which Cameron was absent for. We saw the team handle 21 cases, 23 if you include Three Stories (which I am here). Here's what the team had to show for it:

Patients treated: 27
Lives saved: 24
Maternity had four patients, Poison two patients and Three Stories two patients as well.
The deaths occurred in Maternity, Histories and Babies and Bathwater; in the latter two cases the team diagnosed the patients before they died but the illness was incurable.

House: 30 diagnoses + 28 credits - 1 error = 57 total
Chase: 2 diagnoses + 11 credits - 2 errors = 11 total
Cameron: 4 diagnoses + 5 credits - 1 error = 8 total
Foreman: 3 diagnoses + 8 credits - 2 errors = 9 total

My conclusions: They're pretty equal overall. Chase delivered less final diagnoses but contributed more towards other people's diagnoses, a pattern that you'll see continue as I go into season two. He's a background character. Foreman, despite being lauded as the smartest, isn't significantly better than the others. Cameron has less total points but again, you'll see her improve in season two as well.

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