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Title Connections Index

Welcome to the House, MD Title Connections Blog. These pages provide initial thoughts for discussion on the connections to the titles within the series, listed by season. The connections relate to those within the show, and in some cases outside of it.

Season 6 Title Connections

Title connections for House, MD Season 6 are listed below.

6-01/02: Broken
The title has a literal connection to House. His complete meltdown at the end of Season 5 continues, following his voluntary commitment into Mayfield, a psychiatric hospital where he hopes to regain his sanity, and his edge. Of course, House sees himself as being fixed, no longer broken, long before his therapist. He bucks the system at the hospital, tries valiently to disrupt things, but eventually allows the staff to help him, and he them. He needs to be whole again, or he'll not get his doctor's recommendation to regain his medical license. Ironically, during treatment, House has to be broken further before he can recover. He has to trust, he has to get hurt, he has to be broken. Then and only then can he realize his road to recovery.

6-03: Epic Fail
The title refers to failures of epic proportions, first House, afraid that his practice of medicine will cause an epic failure in his life, that it would cause him to fall back into his old habits, and return to Vicodin as a crutch. Then the title refers to the team, as they run the gamut of possible causes for the POTW's problems, and go wildly astray. The patient posts his problem on the web looking for the answer. Ironically, it's House who eventually solves the case, but he posts the solution on the web for his team to find. He still needs the puzzle, but it won't necessarily send him into failing at life.


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