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Recent Episodes :: Episodes ::  #601-602 "Broken"

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Note #1: Runs 2 hrs, 2 min
Note #2: It is going to take a while to get things together for this page.
September 21, 2009
House as patient
Dr. Nolan (guest star Andre Braugher, L) works with his patient House (Hugh Laurie, R) at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital in the HOUSE two-hour season premiere episode airing Monday, Sept. 21 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Michael Yarish/FOX
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Written by
Russell Friend & Garrett Lerner & David Foster & David Shore
Directed by
Katie Jacobs
  • 1st Song (while House is going through withdrawal at the very beginning while the credits roll): "No Surprises" by Radiohead
  • During the basketball game as House chases everyone away: "Little Cabin Song" by Billy Moon
  • Piano piece being played by Lydia (when House walks up the stairs to find her playing for her sister-in-law who hasn't spoken in years): Schumann's "Kinderszenen Op. 15" (this will later be played by House)
  • As House is dragged away from Lydia through the start of the ping-pong incident: "Love Vigilantes" by Iron & Wine
  • And that's just up to the first commercial.

  • Alvie (guest star Lin-Manuel Miranda) is roommates with House in the psychiatric hospital in the HOUSE two-hour season premiere event episode "Broken" airing Monday, Sept. 21 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
    Credit: Michael Yarish/FOX
  • Before and during the planned House assault on Alvie: Stanton Moore's "Poison Pushy"
  • As House decides to fake "cooperation" and gains points: James Hunter's "No Smoke Without Fire"
  • Lydia plays Schubert on the piano: "Impromptu #3 in B flat"
  • As House drives Lydia and Freedom Master around the grounds: "Harmonia" from Cass McCombs
  • After Lydia reminds House that Bonnie and Clyde get shot to pieces: "I Do Not Fear Jazz" from Big Strides
  • As House and Freedom Master "fly" at the local carnival: "Life" from Sly & The Family Stone
  • First song playing at the party: "No Moon At All"
  • Second music from the band at the party: "Night Train"
  • Third piece played at the party: "I Love Paris" written by Cole Porter
  • Fourth piece: "Every Time We Say Goodbye" also written by Cole Porter
  • House plays Schumann on the piano: "Kinderszenen, Op. 15"
  • "Macarena/Macarena River Remix" - Los Del Rio
  • At the talent show: "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" - Hal Richter & Jay-Bird sing
  • The Mozart song played by Annie's music box: "The Magic Flute"
  • Annie on the cello: "Cello Suite #1, Prelude in G Major"
  • "Seven Day Mile" - The Frames
Starts right after the last episode of the last season ended and goes on for about two months.
Additional Information:
  • "psychsi" posted on the Television Without Pity's House Forum: "It started out as Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys, segued to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and nestled nicely into In Treatment."
  • Just because Alvie says Annie has not talked in "like 10 years or something", doesn't mean it has actually been 10 years. We know it was before she married Annie's brother and she seems to have a son about six or so so at least seven years instead of 10 which doesn't really explain how she could clearly say "thank you" but it is a little more possible.

House & Dr. Nolan
Dr. Nolan (guest star Andre Braugher) confronts House (Hugh Laurie) in the HOUSE two-hour season premiere episode "Broken" airing Monday, Sept 21 (8-10:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX
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Cast: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House; Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson

Guest Cast: Andre Braugher as Dr. Darryl Nolan; Franka Potente as Lydia; Megan Dodds as Dr. Beasley; Andrew Leeds as Dr. Medina; Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alvie; Derek Richardson as Freedom Master; Jack Plotnick as Hal; Curtis Armstrong as Richter; Artemis Pebdani as Diane; Angela Bettis as Susan; Ana Lenchantin as Silent Girl; Alex Desert as Jay-Bird; Dale E. Turner as Stomp; Sloan Robinson as Nurse Safer; Meghan K. Bradley as Nurse Valez; Harrison Forsyth as Ben

Quotes, Quotations, Dialogue, Scenes:
  • After House detoxes from Vicodin, he wants to check himself out of the facility. But Dr. Nolan tells him he needs to be transferred to the long term ward, started on medication, talk therapy, etc. Technically House can leave whenever he wants. But Dr. Nolan tells him, "You can't go back to practicing medicine.... You're going to need my recommendation.... You need to get better."

  • House wants to go back to practicing medicine and so he goes into this ward but tells Dr. Beasley, the doctor there,"My goal is to get your boss to write the letter I want him to write.... I can smile through gritted teeth and play nice but there are serious risks of violence involved in that choice. So, I'm going to turn this ward upside down.making your and your boss's job and life so unmanageable that he'll write whatever he has to write to get rid of me."

  • Well, that doesn't work. House tries all his old defense mechanisms including trying to get help from Wilson and nothing gets him what he wants. So he decides to fake cooperating. But then he doesn't like what a doctor does to try and force "Freedom Master" out of his delusion. House objects and makes things worse for this harmless man. Later Alvie finds House tossing cards into a container and he says, "Don't do it."
       "I'm not doing anything."
       "You're thinking. Things go from thinking to doing way too fast in this place. Keep thinking and you're going to wind up with no 'mo' in your 'mojo'."
       "I'm thinking of hitting you again."
       "You hate Medina. You hate all of them. You want to hurt them. You gor to keep pretending. Step away from the hate."
       "What's the difference between pretending to cooperate and actually cooperating?
       "Pretending's pretending. It's not real. You don't mean it."
       "I sat and watched while he did something stupid and pointless. I cooperated."
       "In a few days you won't have to watch because you're going home. You'll be getting your job back."

  • But House has to interfere. He gives Freedom Master back his delusion forgetting what a real delusion is. Freedom Master tries to fly and Dr. Nolan tells House,"He's lucky to be alive.... Everything in your life has been about finding the truth. But suddenly with this guy, you decide to reinforce a sick man's delusions. You just wanted to take a swing at me. Hmm? You don't care about getting out. You don't care about him. You don't even care about the truth. You don't care about anything, House. I'm transferring you to Winslow Psychiatric. You'll have better luck pulling th wools over their eyes. I'm done." Dr. Nolan turns to walk away.
       "Don't!" Nolan stops and turns back."I need help."

  • It isn't that easy, of course. The second half of this long episode starts with House trying to figure out how to get the help he wants. He can't even figure out how to talk seriously until Dr. Nolan asks him, "So, tell me, What's on your mind? What do you want?"
       "I want to get better. Whatever the hell that means.I'm sick of being miserable."
       "So, you'd like to be happy?"
       "Again with the reflecting---yes, I'd like to be happy."
       "Being happy is an excellent goal...." To reach that goal Dr. Nolan suggests House take meds.
       "I don't want to change who I am."
       "Miserable? You think that by taking meds you'll lose your edge? Stop making the unique connections that make you a successful doctor?"
       "If Van Gogh was your patient, he'd be satisfied painting houses instead of 'The Starry Night'."
       "Van Gogh would still be making inspired paintings of the night sky. Just maybe not from the room of his asylum."
       "You don't know that."
       "I know both his ears would be intact. And I know his life would be better." House decides to take the meds. "I know this doesn't come naturally to you. But you want my help. Which means you need to trust me."

  • Alvie tells House, "They broke you."
       "They didn't break me. I am broken. Now stop worshiping me and go worry about your own loser life."

  • Dr. Nolan suggests a sort of "outing" for House to meet people since after four weeks he is not connecting with his fellow patients. House defends himself from the implied judgment, "I have had relationships."
       "You've screwed up relationships. Everyone of them --- almost like that was the goal. I want you to trust people. Try."

  • Later when House brings up Freedom Master's broken body, Dr. Nolan asks him, "Why do you value your failures more than your successes?"
    "...successes only last until someone screws them up. Failures are forever."
       "So, you accept that fact? You accept that there is nothing you can do?"
       "Okay, I accept the fact that there's nothing I can do. Now, what can I do?"
       "You acknowledge failure. And you move past it. You apologize."
       "Wow. Powerful things these apologies. Get someone to jump off a building and you say two words and you move on with your life. Hardly seems fair."
       "You caused him pain. If the world is just, you have to suffer equally?" Nolan chuckles. "You're not God, House. You're just another screwed-up human being who needs to move on. Apologize to him. Let yourself feel better. Then you can learn to let yourself keep feeling better."

  • At first House cannot bring himself to do something he feels is so inadequate, ineffective: he wants to do something that actually makes things better. And time passes and a couple of weeks later the ward has a talent show. And it is only after that that House can bring himself to do something he has never believed worked for a serious mistake. He tells the damaged Freedom Master, "I'm sorry." He doesn't know where to go from there but he sits down and opens up with truth. "I was trying to prove a point. I was trying to be right. I ended up putting you in a dangerous situation and I was not equipped to handle it. And you got hurt and its my fault. And I'm sorry." He gets no response.

  • Freedom Master does actually help Annie find he voice box. House's relationship with Lydia ends and he gets hurt. He waits outside for Nolan to leave and tells him, "She left and I'm lost."
       "I'm going to write your letter to the medical board recommending that they give your license back."
       "You can't just console me by giving me a lollipop when I skin my knee."
       "Well, two things just happened: You got hurt which means you connected to someone else strongly enough to miss them. And more important: you recognized the pain and came to talk to me instead of hiding from it in the Vicodin bottle. The fact that you're hurting and you came here, the fact that you're taking your meds, and the fact that we're talking right now...."


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