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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Introductory post--absolutely original.

I suppose I should first thank the High Power That Be on the Other Side of Thy Emails for setting this up. It's nice.

And then I should express hope that people shall read this, enjoy this, be able to follow the many ways in which my mind can ramble, find this interesting, or just find some food for thoughts of their own—or your own, since you're reading this.

It's personally interesting for me to make connections and analyze, which is in part why I chose to try to dig into the heads of the people who create House on a daily basis. I'm not sure yet whether I will have some sort of structure to the things that I will write.

I've already started re-watching all of House's episodes and making notes, that's always interesting. And as far as I can see it might be relatively difficult to find huge common themes that particular writers choose to weave into their stories, I suspect mostly because they are professional writers, of a sort anyway, and it shouldn't be too hard to write a story that doesn't hold much meaning personally to them while still being a beautiful and touching story. Also could be that some, or all, of them are—omgz!!1!—well adjusted people without any bright red issues to latch onto. But I do hope I'll find a few cans of worms to open. The third thing that might control the 'similarities' is that House is a series and they shouldn't repeat themselves obviously that often, they should base what they write not only on realistic character development but also on cases. Yes, I wouldn't have believed it myself—some episodes really might be generally just about one case or another.

But I'll try my best, wouldn't expect anything else of myself anyway. And trying usually is enough.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Welcome to our new Blogger - From House MD Editors

We look forward to reading this information.