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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Welcome to our new Blogger - From House MD Editors

We look forward to reading this information.


BJM said...

I love the show but am particularly annoyed at the current story line about House's addiction. As an ex-firefighter, current health worker and 10 year chronic pain patient I find your treatment of House's pain problem disturbing to say the least. You are just promoting the worst stereo types, ie - if you are taking narcotics long term you are an addict, you must be stealing meds, hiding meds, etc. Couldn't you please treat this important topic with respect. Millions of americans are suffering chronic pain and are taking narcotics. The narcotics allow them to function in society. You are insulting every chronic pain patient with this current story line. I am quickly losing my interest in this show. It insults me more than it entertains me.

12:34 AM  
Unbeliever said...

Um... You know, I really hope this is just a 'hear my thoughts' type of comment made in hopes of an ACTUAL House writer stumbling upon this humble blog [which I doubt, oh so much]. Though the style of this, unfortunately, makes me suspect that maybe the title 'Inside the Writers' Heads' is a bit confusing. Sorry, if that is the case.

Onto something else I [i]always[/i] have -- an opinion.

I could agree with your perspective. But do stick with House until the writers resolve the Tritter storyline. I don't think they will resolve it in any way that is not one more point for House.

In almost all cases, if people watch House they like House as a character, and the writers so far have showed us his reasons for developing this addiction -- because he admitted himself that he IS, in fact, an addict, but it is not a problem for him. Sometimes the writers really [i]are[/i] just showing a character and not an embodiment of all chronic pain patients.

It is a bit defensive and perspectively judgemental, in a way, to say that they are showing the stereotypes through House -- in my opinion, they are showing them mostly through Tritter, who is assuming things and being childishly mean and just generally being a bastard.

There are certain 'correct' reactions to have when it comes to House, so to speak. At the moment it is sympathy. I don't think people who watch House on an almost regular basis will suddenly develop predictable and offensive, to some, opinions.

And if someone does, who cares? Some things can be understood, if someone doesn't -- that's their problem.

Certainly went off on a rant there...

8:46 AM  
Christine said...

I have thought this over with the greatest of care.
Working with people that have rare genetic diseases I understand the chronic pain theory that you are tossing around....but the perfect story line is right in front of you...There are 3 specific syndromes that crossover to what House could have...they can explain why he is going through what he is and this will also explain the loyalty of his sincere friend Wilson.. You look normal and you look as if you are having the best day ever....but the pain is so intense you can think of nothing but..........
I am not sure how this blogging thing works but I would like to write to a writer to collaberate on this award-winning idea and where they can lead there main character HOUSE.
Please guide me to the next step.
Sincerely Christine

10:32 AM  
Unbeliever said...

Write to a writer? Wonderful. Yet again, no way near this place.

Really, what is this?

11:52 AM  

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