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House's Team

2.13 Skin Deep

Initial Symptoms: Girl with cataplectic attack
Diagnosis: Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) (House) + testicular cancer (House) + paraneoplastic syndrome (House)

Contributions by Team
House (4): Diagnosis for testicular cancer, diagnosis for paraneoplastic syndrome, idea to rule out placebo effect, diagnosis for AIS
Chase (0): None
Cameron (1): Suggests problem is neurological instead of caused by heroin
Foreman (0): None

Notes: Cameron (and Wilson) should have detected the patient's AIS during their examinations of her reproductive system, but because this was not pointed out as an error on the show it's assumed here that it was a mistake by the writers.
House was correct in his suspicion that the patient was using heroin, and used a risky procedure to detox her. The heroin use turned out to be unrelated to her symptoms and final diagnosis, however, so House received no credit for it or the treatment.
House also didn't receive credit for the incest discovery because it, too, proved medically irrelevant.



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