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House's Team

1.04 Maternity

Initial Symptoms: Two newborns with fevers
Diagnosis: Epidemic (House) caused by Enterovirus infection (Foreman) spread by a hospital volunteer

Contributions by Team
House (5): Diagnosis for the epidemic, idea to give different antibiotics to different babies, recognizes illness is viral, idea to test mothers too, tracks down source of virus
Chase (1): Suggests a virus
Cameron (1): Idea to let parents hold baby (part of patient treatment)
Foreman (1): Diagnosis for Enterovirus because he was the first to suggest it

Notes: The number of babies that fell sick wasn't very clear, but twice it's said that there were four confirmed cases.
Cameron received an error for failing to tell the parents that their baby had died. It's not part of the diagnostic process, it's true, but it is part of treating patients.



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