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A Look at House's Addiction to Vicodin and Baubles

Friday, April 13, 2007

1x03 - Occam's Razor

April 13th, 2007

An interesting thing here. In his speech to the clinic, House claims that he won't share his Vicodin. "It's mine, you can't have any." However, we've seen him share with a clinic patient twice before.

Total Vicodin Taken: 3

17min 38sec - In the lab when Scobby Gang are looking for viruses
33min 35sec - In his office when trying to figure out how he was wrong about Gout medicine overdose.
38min 21sec - Outside the clinic after examinning MP3 Guy

Other habits noticed:

15min 28sec - Playing his NintendoDS (Metroid?) Level 4 in the clinic exam room with a patient
19min 26sec - Playing his Nintendo DS in the clinic exam room with a patient, again.
27min 21sec - Playing with oeversized green/red tennis ball in office while trying to figure out why kid is sick

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