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A Look at House's Addiction to Vicodin and Baubles

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Welcome & Basic Guidelines

April 6th, 2007

"We are looking forward to reading this new blog. Welcome from the House MD Guide Editors."
Thank you, and welcome to "Pattern of Habits".Here I will be discussing (episode by episode) the pattern of habits that our favorite misanthropic doctor, Dr. Greg House, goes through in his shown life. This includes both his drug habit, as well as any toys or games he might pick up and play with during our studies of him.
We will begin, as is natural, at the beginning, with updates of new studies three times a week (with our first study posted on Monday April 9th, until we are caught up to the current episode. By my calculations, this should last us long enough to start the 4th season right on time! If season 4 starts before I get the whole of season 3 posted, I'll make some extra posts in a week to get caught up. We'll see how it plays out!
Season 1 Recaps - April 9th - May 28th
Season 2 Recaps - May 30th - July 23rd
Season 3 Recaps - July 25th - 19th
Our readers are encouraged to reply to our studies with their thoughts, opinions, or even with something we might have missed. I am, after all, only human and quite capable of error.
Before we begin our studies of Dr. House's habits, there are a few basic guidelines that need to be established in determining our counts and studies.
1. We assume that each dose of vicodin consumed by the doctor consists of one (1) pill. This is what we will count unless it is specifically noted by character observation, or shown on screen that he is taking more than one.
2. We only count doses that are seen as being taken on screen. Implied doses are not counted in the study, though they will be noted, due to the fact that we can not always trust what the characters say.
3. The times noted in the studies are based on the episodes as aired in the US. This time is from start to finish, and includes the opening title sequence. Commercials are not counted in the time. As such, there is room for minor error in the times, plus or minus 5 seconds or so, due to the limits of human reaction time.
With that said, allow me once again welcome you to my blog. Thank you.
~Erik a.k.a. PPTHMisanthrope


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