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House Throws out the Book
House (Hugh Laurie) helps Cuddy treat her mother, Arlene, when she is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro in the "Family Practice" episode of HOUSE airing Monday, Feb. 7 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

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House Game
February 7, 2011
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Written by
Peter Blake
Directed by
Miguel Sapochknik
From Fox Broadcasting Company:

Candice Bergen ("Boston Legal"), and Paula Marshall ("Gary Unmarried") Guest-Star

Cuddy's mother, Arlene (guest star Bergen), is admitted to Princeton Plansboro after complaining about unusual symptoms, but stubborn Arlene insists that House be removed from the case, forcing House to come up with non-conventional and illegal means to treat his patient. House instructs his team to follow his lead, and they discover details in Arlene's personal life that she kept secret from Cuddy and her sister Lucinda (guest star Marshall). Meanwhile, Taub's ex-wife, Rachel, puts him in contact with her brother who hires Taub to work a job on the side in exchange for much-needed income, which winds up taking a physical and emotional toll on him. Later, Cuddy places her trust in House to ensure that her mother receives the proper medical treatment, leading "by the book" medical student Masters to reevaluate her responsibility to practice within a code of ethics and to follow her boss' orders in the all-new "Family Practice" episode of HOUSE airing Thursday, Feb. 7 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (HOU-713) (TV-14)
Patient of the Week
Cuddy's Mother, Arlene, who tells Cuddy her heart is doing that thing again and Cuddy discovers she has an irregular heart beat.
How House gets involved:
Cuddy insists. But then Arlene fires him
The privacy invasion / ethical breach / Rule Breaking
There is no breaking and entering as Arlene gives permission for House's team to search her house. But House breaks enough rules to get disbared.
Preliminary diagnoses:
House thinks it is hypochondria but things, of course, take a turn for the worse. Then the team suggest lleukemia but Dr. Kaufman, who has taken over the case, has already thought of that and tested. Then House decides she is drinking enough to cause a thiamine deficiency. They then think of Lupis but Dr. Kaufman is ahead of them again on that. Foreman then says it could be endocarditis and House decides that is what it is and that Kaufman's treatment will kill her. Then House suggests fungal endocarditis.
The final diagnosis
Arlene's inability to pick up on House's sarcasm leads him back to heavy metal poisoning and that leads him to Arlene's hip replacement.
Who Came up with final diagnosis
Clinic Patients
Additional Information:
  • Cuddy's mother lives close by.
  • Cuddy also has a sister, Julia, who also seems to live close by.
  • Taub and his wife may get back together after he puts his concern for a boy ahead of

Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) is worried about her mother's health (guest star Candice Bergen) in the "Family Practice" episode of HOUSE airing Monday, Feb. 7 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX
Additional Resources
Cast: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House; Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy; Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson; Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman; Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase; Olivia Wilde as Thirteen/Dr. Remy Hadley; Peter Jacobson as Dr. Chris Taub

Guest Cast: Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters; Jennifer Crystal Foley as Rachel Taub; Candice Bergen as Arlene; Paula Marshall as Lucinda; Ben Bode as Kaufman; Michael Gladis as Jamie; Julia Rose as Kara; Kelly Frye as Salesgirl; David Olejnik as Timothy; Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse

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