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Second Season Episodes ::  #212 "Distractions"

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When House (Hugh Laurie) tries to settle a score
with an old nemesis, he winds up inflicting pain on himself
to prove a point in the HOUSE episode "Distractions"
airing Tuesday, Feb. 14 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Michael Becker/FOX.
February 14, 2006 (9:03-10:03pm)
Writer / Director
Lawrence Kaplow / Dan Attias
"Get Miles" by Gomez on the Bring It On album.
The patient of the week
A teenager names Adam loses control of an all terrain vehicle which he drives off a ravine and into a tank which explodes.
How House gets involved
Foreman tells House the burn unit was asking for him and when House looks at the file, he notices, "Kid's heart rate's a mess" and his potassium levels are going down instead of up.
The mis-diagnoses
MS, some kind of infection that they can't find, depression
The privacy invasion / ethical breach
House wakes up the patient to ask him a question and the other doctors and the boy's parents assume that is the equivalent of torture.
The final diagnosis
"This is a brain with too much serotonin" due to antidepressants. "No-smoke meds are antidepressants. Crappy ones you can get over the internet are loaded with whatever antidepressants they can get cheap..."
The clinic patient(s)
New Information
  • House was caught cheating at Johns Hopkins Medical School.
  • Cuddy's assistant left her without her even noticing and that assistant was a woman. And we never heard why the male assistant at the beginning of the season left.
Notable incidents
  • At the end of the episode, a call girl shows up at House's door. Her name is Paula, House has never met her before but he is looking for a distraction and tells her so.
Additional information on this episode:

Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), Foreman (Omar Epps) and
Chase (Jesse Spencer) treat a boy who's been severely burned
in the HOUSE episode "Distractions" airing
Tuesday, Feb. 14 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Michael Becker/FOX.
So, was that really a Hindi Medical Journal House was reading?
We heard from someone who was born in India and "can read and write" Hindi who emailed us this:
  1. The title of the supposed Indian medical journal that House is reading at the start of the show is Brain Science ("mastishka vijnaana" in Hindi).
  2. The rest of the text on the front page is gibberish, except for (i) the name New Delhi ("nuutan dillii"), presumably the place of publication, and (ii) the headline in red, which is partly obscured, but which includes the words for "headache" and possibly "ass" (i.e. "donkey"). Don't ask me what it's supposed to mean!
  3. See an image of the Hindi journal House is reading

Quotes (Quotations & Dialogue) from the Episode
  • Cuddy to House: "Have you even read an ethical guideline?"
  • Cameron: "What are you looking for?"
    House: "Same as you: love, acceptance, solid return on investment."
  • House who is about to interrupt an old rival: Why can't you just enjoy this? Why can't you just be happy for me?"
    Wilson: "You have got to find less debilitating outlets than humiliating people! I... hear bowling is more fun than stalking."
    House: " But I'm better at this."
  • Weber: "Medical school was 20 years ago, give it a rest, grow up."
    House: "Yeah, you were always the grown-up. Do the responsible thing. Tattle tail!"
    Weber: "You cheated!"
    House: "I cheated then, you're cheating now! Your drug doesn't work."
    Weber: "Oh yes, you would like to believe that because it plays right in to your fantasy.... You haven't changed a bit. You took shortcuts in Med school, you're taking shortcuts now."
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    Wilson to House, who is suffering from a migraine that he deliberately gave himself: "Dr Jekyll, I presume. They found a half-eaten sheep in the zoo, police wanna ask you a few questions.... Fool-proof plan by the way. Either his meds would work and you'd be in psychic pain because von Evil is going to be rich; or they wouldn't, and you got to be in agony all day. Perfect lose-lose situation. Very you."
    House: "I had to prove—"
    Wilson: "You proved nothing."
    House: "Right. This isn't a migraine."
    Wilson: "Yeah. Dear New England Journal of Medicine, I took this guy's drug and still got a headache thus scientifically proving that my archenemy is an idiot. —You just wanted the pain."
    House: "The meds are supposed to prevent migraine."
    Wilson: "You get distracted by pain, leaves less room for the things you don't want to think about, like the Flyers sucking or the price of gas or— or, the fact that you pushed the love of your life out of your life."
    House: "God I wish the pain would go away." (He obviously means Wilson.)
    Wilson: "Next time you need to get your mind off of something, stick a needle into your eye. It's less annoying to the rest of us when you can still walk."
  • Cuddy: "Hey, did you drop acid?"
    House: "Why would I do that?"
    Cuddy: "To annoy me, or maybe because you're miserable, or... because you... want to self-destruct. Pick one."
    House: "How about because LSD acts on serotonin receptors in the brain which can stop a migraine in its tracks? I'm just saying that's also a possibility. How did you know about it?"
    Cuddy: "Cameron is worried about you. I told her that LSD lasts up to 12 hours; if you were functional she must be wrong."
    House: "Well, either that or I also took a whole bunch of antidepressants which short-circuited the LSD. I'm just saying that would also explain it."
  • House: "An eye for an eye, LSD and antidepressants. Everything in balance. Buddhists call it karma and Christians call it the golden rule, Jews call it— I don't know. Rabbi Hillel said something poignant. Universe always settles the score."
    Cuddy: "Does it?"
    House: "No, but it should."
Season 1 DVDSeason 1 DVD
From MAUREEN RYAN "The Watcher" A Chicago Tribune Web log: Five Great Characters:
Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson on "House":
"Just as Sherlock Holmes needed John Watson, Gregory House needs James Wilson. Medical genius House is gruff, brilliant, cantankerous and has a special talent for making people angry. Wilson's there to assuage colleagues, unruffle feathers, offer advice — and also, to listen to House's innermost secrets and fears, which he admits to almost no one else. In the typically excellent "House" episodes that air Tuesday and [sic] Feb. 14, we get to see a lot of Wilson, which is a very good thing. Leonard is one of those rare actors who draws us in with wise subtlety and empathy barbed with honesty, rather than flash and sizzle. He's the underrated linchpin of the excellent "House" cast, and he handily holds his own with star Hugh Laurie, who is giving the best performance of any dramatic actor on television.

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