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Miscellaneous ::  Lies
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House (Hugh Laurie)
Credit: Scott Garfield/FOX
House and Lies (Lying is a continual theme examined in the show):
Although House continually says, "Everybody lies", when he actually talks to individuals, he often says "I believe you" and he tests again when they contradict the test that has been done (lady claiming she hadn't had sex, politician claiming he couldn't have AIDS).

Could it be that House constantly says "Everybody lies" to counteract his natural tendency to believe people? There is a theory that we all naturally judge people based on ourselves and House tries not to lie except by omission, or when his patient's life is in danger, or when he assumes the person he's lying to should be able to tell the difference, so he has to keep reminding himself that people do lie and that he can't believe them all the time. And he also knows that even a minor lie or one by omission can mislead his diagnosis.

According to a February 5, 2006 New York Times Magazine article called "Looking for the Lie", Mark Twain said, "Everybody lies, every day; every hour; awake; asleep; in his dreames; in his joy; in his mourning."
What House says about lies and lying:
Complaints when House (who constantly says, "everybody lies") believes people:
  • Cameron: "What is it, everybody lies, except for schizophrenics and their children?" [#101]
  • Wilson: "Everybody lies except politicians? House, I do believe you're a romantic. You just didn't believe him, you believed in him." [#117]
  • Cameron (when House believes Stacy over her husband, the patient): "What happened to everybody lies?" [#101]
  • Cuddy: "So, everybody lies except convicted murderers? [#201]
Lies told by Dr. Gregory House
  • "...she folded." Said to the team about Cuddy allowing them access to hospital equipment but immediately afterwards he tells Wilson that he has agreed to do clinic duty [#101]
  • This list needs to be expanded. Please email for other examples, and send the name to credit it to.
Lies told between Dr. Wilson and Dr. House
  • She's my cousin. [#101]
    • House's reaction (later): House: "You said she was your cousin. Why would you lie?"
      Wilson: "It got you to take the case."
      House: "You lied to a friend to save a stranger, you don't think that's screwed up?"
      Wilson: "You've never lied to me?"
      House: "I never lie." (this is definitely a lie)
      Wilson: "Oh, really." [#101]
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