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The Lighter Side of House

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ep3-12: One Day, One Room

Sorry for the long break, things have been hectic!

This one is all about who you're stuck in a room with. House treats a girl who was raped... Not something he's very good at. There's nothing to treat, nothing to solve. But she wants to talk to him.

And the funny parts:

Guy running in a circle. What is it? Headache… Something burst... Sore ear... Nope, it's a cockroach! Ha, nice start to an episode. Straight into the clever House comments and attempts to avoid work. Then he runs off the park...

Cuddy turns the clinic into a game. $10 every time he treats someone without touching them. $10 to Cuddy every time he does touch someone. Well, at least it got House's interest. He's off and rolling... until he opens the door and sees a beautiful woman sitting on the bench. Hmm... $10 to Cuddy.

There are some very good scenes with House and the rape victim.

Hiccough guy wants a treatment...

House offered $50 to a father and son to leave, and he grabs them when they try to come back. The boy swallowed a magnet, and as he's eight years old:
House: Darwin says let him die.
The magnet is preventing imaging, so it needs to be cut out. House thinks for a bit, and then grabs a scalpel. What’s House doing? Surgery in the hallway... Threatening a boy with a knife... Nope, its metal, sticks to the magnet, and shows House the magnet is well into the intestinal tract.

Wilson and House discuss the rape victim. House doesn't know how to answer her questions. And poor old Wilson is tricked into trying to convince House to tell her the truth.
Wilson: It's a simple question. Has your life sucked? Tell her the truth. Tell her you were shot. Tell her...
House: She doesn't wanna hear the truth. She's looking for something. Looking to extrapolate something...
Wilson: She's looking to connect with you, and that's what's scaring the hell out of you. Tell her the truth.
House: There is no truth.
Wilson: Are we role-playing? Am I you? I don't wanna be you.
In the park:
House: Know why I come here? I sit, I watch, I imagine.
Eve: Sounds nice.
House: Imagine if one of them would break a leg.
House: Just one false step. One crack in the sidewalk.
Eve: You don't really.
House: I'm evil.
Eve: Evil people don't say they're evil.
House: Sounds like an easy loophole.
House can't resist drawing Wilson into his story while they're playing Foosball. House concentrates on the game, while Wilson looks up, interested in what House is saying... and House scores!

A very stirring episode, with some excellent funny bits to break up the drama.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Here's the Game

Welcome to Thanks for Playing, a blog about the funny side of house, and the various themes, in-jokes and scenes that make it memorable. I hope you find it entertaining!

First of all, why the name? Well, if you're a House junkie (is tv better or worse than Vicodin?), you'll know where it's from. If you're not... it's a phrase House likes to use when he's playing with patients, or jerking his team around. Usually accompanied by a smirk. And a groan from the victims.

The particular scene the inspiration comes from is in Ep2-18: Sleeping Dogs Lie. An Asian girl and her mum are in the clinic, the girl translating. She sets off on a spiel about her mum's problems... and House asks if her mum said "super depressed". He quickly diagnoses the woman - it's a URI. Upper Respiratory Infection. The girl walks right into the trap. And keeps on with the game.

House: "I also think she's got a problem with S-A-C."
Girl: "S-A-C?"
House: "Thanks for playing." (with a smirk) "Stupid American Child"

He's having fun, but teaching too. Direct, but not too mean. Nice scene. Goes with the tricks to get clinic visitors to get health insurance (Ep 2-08: The Mistake). They're not as jokey.

Next: why do I want to talk about this? Because I can't understand the medicine. If you want medicine, there are some other blogs on that deal with the medicine. I also recommend politedissent.

My main goal is to highlight and explore some really good scenes, themes and hilarious moments in House. I'd also like to know what other people think. Yep, I want comments!

And last, but not least, I like watching House. I'll assume you know the main character's names. If you aren't sure, there's a whole section of this site dedicated to the main players. I'd recommend starting there.

Lastly, thanks to housemd-guide editors for giving me a blog!


Oh, by the way. I'll ask a trivia question from time to time. Answer in the comments, if you like. Today's question: Which episode is the reflection of House's face that's used in the credits at the start of each episode shown? And what does he say?

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