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The Lighter Side of House

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ep5-19: Locked In

Some quite cool scenes in this episode thanks to using the perspective of the "Locked In" patient - hearing his thoughts, following his eyes. Just looking at a guy that doesn't move wouldn't be anywhere near as interesting.

There aren't lot of games in this one, but House does have some fun. They're still playing with the idea of House as God:

Molly (patient's wife): I don't know how God is going to get us through this, but he will.
House: Stop it, I'm blushing.
Patient: I never thought I'd be praying for a brain tumour, but please God...
House: If you're praying in there, stop it right now.

We also can't forget House's amazing ego.

House: If you can't bring Muhammad to Princeton, bring Princeton to Muhammad. It's my diagnostics posse - hot, dark and darker.

House is not content with making the attending doctor look like an idiot (and I found it odd that the doctor didn't want to explore any other options).

Attending Doctor: I completely disagree with Dr House.
House: I don't.
House: Dr Idiot will realise that his name is not a coincidence.

Being locked in gives the patient some insights into the people around him. He correctly predicts that House and Cuddy have a thing (well, kind of a thing). He gets to see everyone ask House why he was in Middletown, and hear House deflect with guitars and lingerie.

Did you get the Heroes reference? This episode was a very serious one. I've probably missed some of the fun and games tho, so let me know in the comments.

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