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The Lighter Side of House

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ep3-13: Needle in a Haystack

Another post on one episode. This one has a number of parallel issues: the patient, a 16-year old gypsy who doesn't want to tell the doctors the truth. House is after his parking space, which has been taken by a new female researcher. I don't know what the American disabled act says, but his argument makes sense to me. Although harassing the new researcher, then making a bet with Cuddy probably isn't the best way to get it back... Or is it?

House is somehow even more hilarious in a wheel chair than with a cane (and he does a really good falling over scene when his cane snaps.. which has happened twice!). First he can't reach to put patient's files on a stack. Then he slides in snow and bumps his car, with a really mischievous, kid-playing-in-the-snow kind of look. Not to mention being monitored by Cuddy and Wilson,to make sure he doesn't cheat and walk... Why would he want to walk with a sore leg anyway? Well, how is he meant to get into the car and close the door? Wait... he solves that one already :)

House has some great names for Wilson, but this one takes the cake:
Wilson: Ah yes, if it isn't Dr. Ironside.
House: Ah, if it isn't Dr. I-Had-No-Friends-When-I-Was-Growing-Up-So-All-I- Did-Was-Watch-TV-By-Myself-Which-Is-Why-I-Can-Now-Make-Constant- Pop-Culture-References-Which-No-One-Understands-But-Me.
Wilson: That's my name. Don't wear it out.
Two puns in one go!
Wilson: So you're doing this even though you know you've got no legal leg to stand on.
House: Who needs legs when you got wheels. I'm gonna get that spot. No way Cuddy is going to gyp me.
Looking for your keys in the mailbox might be an act of desperation. Unless you find a toothpick in a colon.
Foreman shows Stevie a toothpick in a vial.
Stevie: That’s cool. I mean, not cool for me but… A lot of damage for something so small.
Of course, what would an episode be without a scene where House has to think on his feet, then jump to his feet, then run/limp over to Cuddy. Watching him "think on his feet" is very intriguing - I want to know what he's going to come up with this time. Something that makes Cuddy feel very guilty... Veni, vidi, vici

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