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The Lighter Side of House

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Head-turn Epiphany and Aliens

It's such a commonly used TV show action: someone stops, turns their body or their head, and stares into the camera, or at another actor, or at their boss's stomach. This will be a short one.

House has this habit, which is ok by me. Hugh Laurie does it well. I just thought I'd mention it. Especially since he tends to 'suddenly figure things out' from the most unlikely places. While drinking tea, cutting open a dead cat, talking about frying (or was it poaching?) a brain.

Also today: Ep3-2: Cane & Able! Aliens, great scenes, conspiracy, different DNA in the same person, and crazy medical metaphors. What more could you want. Including this scene:
Cameron: Is your leg hurting?
House: Is that question helping?
Cameron: You're leaning.
House: You're sitting.
Cameron: You're evading.
House: My head's hurting.
Alien abductions... Well, exciting stuff, hey? Watch the episode, and keep an eye on Hugh Laurie. He has some very well executed lines and actions.

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